Deodorant With Aluminum: Here’s What Experts Have To Say

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We are living in a world where the technological revolution is going on, and thus we are being habituated to the advanced features of technology and innovation. So these days, we are doing things that are trendy and using products that are rich in features.

What is your opinion about that?

Don’t you use modern products! We all use that, and we also generally tend to use different odors with deodorants. Approx 90% of people use deodorants, and there is a big reason behind this.

What is that?

The sweat and bad odor. In our busy lives, we travel a lot and go to places, whether in summer-hot or after rain, which is irritating weather. But the main controversy is regarding aluminum.

Why Is Aluminum Used In Deodorants?

Before we jump to a conclusion on the topic, we need to understand the whole scenario. Let’s understand why aluminum is used in deodorants?

Well, we need to know that there is a significant difference between deodorant and antiperspirant. When you use deodorant, you just simply want to remove the bad odor or neutralize it. On the other hand, with antiperspirants, you can stop sweating.

Antiperspirants help you to be sweat free in the heavy summer. The aluminum salt creates a blocking plate to your skin’s sweat holes to stop sweat from coming out of the surface level. In addition, aluminum in deodorants is used as aluminum chloro-hydrate.

You can check out deodorants that are natural and aluminum free to be safe in every way.

Is It Harmful?

Well, the controversy started with a few retrospective studies where it was assumed that deodorants and antiperspirants with aluminum could harm our health in two ways.

  • Alzheimer’s disease: Studies suggest that Alzheimer’s patients have high levels of aluminum in the brain. But it is not necessary that the aluminum came from deodorants.
  • Breast cancer: A retrospective study suggests that people who used aluminum-based antiperspirants got breast cancer at an earlier age.

Well, both these cases are not fully proven, and many of the other studies and experts have deliberately neglected the comments. Despite several media attention, there is no proper data to accept that aluminum from antiperspirants can really cause breast cancer.

In fact, it is not usual for aluminum to go inside the body and spread diseases. One study suggested that only 0.012 percent of aluminum can be absorbed through the underarms.

Any Negative Side?

Despite the approval of any severe disease, the aluminum in the deodorants and antiperspirants can irritate you in a few ways and have some negative aspects. Below we have listed a few that you can relate to.

1. You May Feel Hotter

The presence of aluminum salts creates blockage on the surface skin to reduce sweat. This kind of process can make you feel hotter than before.

The natural physiologic process of sweating is also the natural process of cooling off your body. The plugins thus can seem to be obstacles to the natural cooling process.

2. Stains Due To Aluminum

Some experts claim that due to aluminum salt and other ingredients used in the sweat-removing process, a yellow stain is created in your skin which cannot be removed easily. So if you want to be natural with your skin, you need to avoid this kind of product.

This happens because aluminum clogs the sweat gland. The sweat doesn’t escape and becomes concentrated. With time, it becomes yellow when mixed with aluminum. So, you can see that your aluminum-based antiperspirant is actually creating more problems than it solves.

3. Underarm Irritation

In some cases, it has been seen that aluminum-coated deodorants can be the reason for skin irritation. For instance, you may face rashes, little pimples, et cetera.

Though it is inconclusive, you don’t want to take the risk. This kind of skin irritation in the summer times can be very uncomfortable for you. And if not taken seriously, it can damage your underarm skin.

Do You Need To Switch? 

What do you think about such deodorants?

Have you experienced the above-mentioned negative issues with your deodorant or antiperspirants? If you have not got any first-hand experience, then it is not necessary for you to change your favorite product certainly.

But if you think that you are feeling irritated for some reason, it totally depends on your personal choice. There is no conclusive reason to say that you need to switch to a natural deodorant. Instead, it’s better to be natural, and when it comes to your skin, try to inherit natural products as much as possible.


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