Finding the Best Vacation Rental? Here’s What You Should Know

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Vacation rentals offer all the amenities of a home away from home while saving you money, whether a Swiss chalet or a lodge in the Smoky Mountains.

How do you tell if you’re getting a reasonable price, though? How can you find that hidden gem now that more people choose rental homes over hotels?

Here are a few tips for finding the best Milwaukee vacation rentals.

1. Know What You Want

Are you going to be staying in or going out? Do you have any kids in your group? Really, how significant is that view of the ocean? You may get the ideal rental without over budget if you know your preferences. Be sure to plan with your group to get the greatest price for everyone.

2 Get Your Timing Right

It’s often advised to reserve early for holiday rentals. Unlike hotels and airlines, there is no benefit to waiting to book that sought-after Italian villa or beach property. If you can, make plans a year in advance. The only exception is if you’re traveling to a prominent US location, when rental supply may outpace demand. In that instance, waiting until the very last minute results in huge price savings.

3. Be Flexible with Your Dates

Prepare yourself for excessive pricing and tough competition on rental homes if you intend to travel to the US over the summer. You’ll find better rates and availability if you move that vacation up to spring or back to fall, which many seasoned travelers contend are the greatest times to visit. Regular fare charts on booking websites let you follow price changes over time. You could save hundreds if you book during the final week of the off-peak season.

4. Know Your Terminology

Understanding the differences between phrases like “Beachfront” and “Oceanfront” is important, especially if you’re reserving through a rental organization or co-op (only the former ensures you’re on the ocean). While “Ski In/Ski Out” indicates that you can ski up to the property,

“Direct Ski Access” typically means taking a shuttle to get to the slopes. Additionally, “Garden View” can refer to almost anything. If there are no images of the rental home online, always request them.

5. Search More Than One Site

There’s a good probability that you use one website to look for rentals. However, examining the lists from many sources is necessary to get the best choices. You should cast a wide net, especially if you know the area where you intend to stay. Websites that compile listings are a wonderful place to start but don’t overlook location-specific sites since they may contain excellent listings that go unnoticed.

6. Avoid Touristy Areas

Even though staying off the market seems nice, you will pay the price for it. In popular tourist destinations, markups can be outrageous and subpar rentals frequently fetch top dollar. Look for short-term rentals close to public transportation or a short drive from well-known attractions.

7. Maintain Your Security

The vast majority of online rental advertisements are genuine. Nevertheless, the possibility of fraud is still extremely high, as many prospective tenants have been duped in recent years. In experts’ opinion, getting in touch with the property manager in advance is the most important security tip. Ask inquiries, gather information, and leave the area if anything seems off. Many websites have built-in security protections, and evaluations may frequently spot any warning signs.


Making a well-informed decision on where to stay is one of the things you can control to have a wonderful vacation. Follow the advice above to select the ideal short-term rental for your trip.


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