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How To Get The Best Cricket Bats Online?

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Are you a cricket lover? Or, looking for a serious cricket-oriented career? If yes, you can not neglect the importance of a good cricket bat in the game. But how to know which bat is right for you? That too, in an era where everything from needles to cricket bats is available online. How will you choose a high-quality cricket bat?

Frankly speaking, searching for a cricket store online would not get you the best bats. Instead, you need to explore, research, and ask for guidance. Hundreds of cricket bat collections are available on the internet, some from even top global brands. However, buying a cricket bat is not just about brand; it is a personal preference. Therefore, to help you get customised bats that suit your batting style, below are a few tips for you.

Factors that determine cricket bat’s quality

Choosing a cricket bat that suits your style may seem like an overwhelming task. You need to look into various things when buying a cricket bat online. Here’s a little sum-up for you:

Kashmir Willow or English Willow

Kashmir willow cricket bats are from India and are generally heavier than their counterparts, English willow cricket bats that come from England. Kashmir willows are heavier because they are higher in density and moisture. Also, Kashmir willows are less expensive compared to their counterparts. Hence, these bats are suitable for junior and beginner-level cricket players.

Cricket Bat Blade

It means the main body of the cricket bat. The rear of a cricket bat blade has an outward curve which provides weight and rigidity to the bat, while the front bat blade is flat and provides a surface for main striking.

The Sweet Spot Of A Cricket Bat

The sweet spot refers to the hitting portion of the blade. Usually, batsmen use different sweet spot cricket bats according to their requirement. When a ball hits this area, the sweet spot provides maximum ping and an excellent travel speed to the ball.

Handles Of Cricket Bat 

The handles of the bat are attached to the body with a woodworking joint called a splice. These handles are further categorised based on their size of handles, such as the short and long handles. For example, long handle bats are used by crickets more than 6 feet taller, whereas many cricket players use short-handled bats. Cricket coaches recommend using cricket bats with short handles for better control and play. There are mainly three types of handles i.e, round handle, semi oval handle and oval handle. Batters use different handles based on their preferences and playing style.

To Sum Up! 

Cricket bats are one sort of an expensive investment. It is normal to have doubts. However, you can get customised bats which are made according to your requirements from top cricket bat manufacturers . In addition, buying bats online is more feasible as your bat is just a click away. Plus, online shopping is a trend nowadays, and bats are no exception.


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