Signs Of A Narcissist

What Are The Signs Of A Narcissist?


NPD is a particular type of personality disorder which consists of inflated self-importance, the demand being constantly admired, and the inability to develop empathy for other people. Even if not everyone who exhibits narcissistic traits is NPD, narcissistic traits help us to obtain more wisdom in dealing with narcissistic partners.

Here are some common signs to look out for:


Narcissistic individuals often have a distorted idea of themselves and tend to believe that they know and see everything better. Narcissists believe in their own perfection. In other words, they are continually seeking affirmation of their self-worth from others. That can be through bragging about what they have achieved through life, or what they can do, or how much they have to show; they think they are better than others. Typically, they do not allow other people to talk, they even refuse to take any credit others give them.

Lack of Empathy:

Unlike normal people, folks with narcissism are incapable of feeling other people’s emotions. Narcissists are not well aware of or do not improve in comprehending others ‘ needs and feelings. Exploiting and abusing people may come very easy to them. Being concerned with how their actions affect others is of no interest to them.

Sense of Entitlement:

Narcissists hold the view that they are the personification of everything good. They think accordingly, taking for granted the God-given benefits that manifest, especially through their good relations with others. Others could assume them to be exploitative. They do not offer any returns but desire for others to serve them. It doesn’t take long for them to look at you with the same disdain when they don’t please their wants. Their drive can become anger, grow to be resentment, and turn into a brutal vengeance.

Need for Admiration:

The narcissist wants others to admire him as well as all the time to validate him. They can get likes, comments, retweets, or along with attention-seeking behaviors, the only thing they after is using the social networks to get their weak egos up and running.

Exploitative Behavior:

Many narcissists gain benefits from those around them with little value given back to society. The victims might be even much deceived, or even manipulated, regardless of the reason for that, such as money, status, or even emotional support. They mostly heed nobody’s feelings or best interests, only mattering about their own personal gains. For more help you may consult a Psychiatrist in Lahore.

Difficulty with Criticism:

Criticism is taken as a personal hit by a narcissist. This makes them shut down into a defensive mode, venting out anger or striking back. They can either handle it fairly well or explode like an erupting volcano when they are challenged with their shortcomings or their errors and they refuse to be accountable for their actions.

Lack of Boundaries:

Narcissists dismiss these imply either emotional or physical barriers. They behave in ways such as invading the personal space, ignoring the social cues and routes of privacy without having second thoughts. They are cemented in the worldview that they own the right to every object of their desire, completely oblivious to the discontent of others.

Manipulative Communication:

Narcissists are actors who use charm, words of fashion, and lie to obtain control and influence on others. They manipulate the truth through gaslighting and alteration of the reality, thus, they dominate the discourse and the positional power. Their style of communication is believed to convey arrogance, ignorance or aggression.


Identifying the narcissistic tendencies can be the first step in preventing yourself from toxic relationships and putting a distance between you and the close one with narcissistic problems. This being the case it becomes a necessity of treatment of such conditions with empathy and understanding but in addition it is important to take care of one’s own well-being and to seek support if needed. Psychotherapy, as an instrumental tool, can be extremely productive for both individuals who face narcissistic tendencies and those who are affected by them, because of the development of skills of a successful interaction and self​-development. Talking to a Best Psychiatrist in Karachi can be considered to better understand narcissism and related traits.

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