Top 6 Tips on How to Make Your Airbnb Listing Stand Out

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The hospitality industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the economy today. People are always traveling and looking for places that they can call home for the duration of their travel. This has created a business opportunity for Airbnb owners, especially for those who are located in major tourist destinations across the world. However, Airbnb guests can be very choosy, and they do not just settle for any listing they find on the internet. This blog contains some major tips to guide you as an Airbnb owner on what to pay major attention to ensure that your listing stands out.


When it comes to real estate, be it residential or commercial, your location plays one of the major roles in attracting customers your way. Airbnb guests are big on ideal locations where they can easily access major amenities such as hospitals and shopping malls. While looking for a property to set up your Airbnb, it is important that you pay keen attention to your locality.

Ensure that you are also in a safe neighborhood where your guests can come in and go as they wish without having to worry about being attacked or robbed. Also, note that there are certain places that are frequently searched by guests; if you can set up in such locations, the better for you.


While putting up your Airbnb listing online, you will be required to post pictures of the house so clients can see what they will be staying in. Ensure that the finishing is perfect as it attracts customers to a particular listing. From the living rooms to the bedroom, bathrooms, and kitchen, make sure you use excellent quality finishings to make the rooms exquisite. Instead of regular cabinets for your kitchen, opt for high gloss kitchen cabinets that are fancy and look good in pictures.

Frequent Updates

Another secret to a popular listing is to ensure that you make frequent updates. Make sure that any slight change is put up immediately so as to avoid having to explain yourself to clients every time. Price is a major detail that should be updated immediately there is a change to avoid disagreements and lawsuits from customers and the website. Always ensure that every important detail is put on the website, and clients do not have to keep on asking you questions when they can easily access every information online.

Family-Friendly Additions

When creating your Airbnb listing, do not forget to include some family-friendly additions such as a kids’ playroom, babyproofing materials such as a baby gate, and other kid-friendly items. You can also have a few air mattresses in store just in case your guests will need them. Also, you can stock up the kitchen a little bit with a few essential items such as sugar, flour, and cooking oil so your guests can have something to start off with before they are able to do their own shopping.

Include a Welcome Gift

You can stand out from other Airbnb owners by gifting your guests. People generally like receiving presents, and this will make them appreciate you and your services. They will definitely come back and will refer their families and friends. You can give them an antique product or even flowers at the entrance is enough to make your guests feel special. A bottle of wine or bourbon can also do the trick. Anything that is outside their package will make them feel appreciated. Make this a habit with every guest, and you will notice an increase in traffic to your business.

Offer a Local Guide

Your guests will very much appreciate it if you can provide them with a local tour guide to show them around the area if they are not familiar with it. You can include the cost in the overall package or offer to do it yourself if you have the time. This will also give you a chance to know them on a more personal level and even create a friendship that may last for ages to come. Show them major landmarks and any tourist attractions within your city.


A hospitality business requires you to be kind and very tolerant towards your clients. Ensure that you answer every question politely and be as open as possible. Do not hide any detail from your clients, as they will lose their trust in you. You can also give them discounts if they ask; just make sure that your business does not suffer in the process. These and many more factors will help you make your Airbnb listing unique and earn you good money.

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