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Pipe Relining Explored – What Is It and Why Should You Use it?

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No matter whether you run a business, or own/manage a residential property, there’s a very high chance. You have a water supply that requires pipes in order to deliver that water to your various utilities. Without the pipes that deliver water to your water tanks, taps, showers, baths, and toilets life would look very different indeed. The same can be said for if your pipework develops a problem that prevents the flow of water to your amenities.

What To Do in The Event of Water Supply Issues

Assuming that you’ve already gone through a process of elimination and established which amenities are suffering from a supply issue and that. The cause isn’t due to missed water bill payments, you’d likely call a local plumber. Depending upon the nature of your problem, your plumber may, or may not be able to put things right for you, on the spot, he may however need to call on the help of Pipe Relining in Eastern Suburbs for a specialist assessment.

Traditionally, though, if your issue is due to damaged or broken pipework. It can be very difficult to diagnose and fix on the first visit. The chances are, that your supply would need to be isolated in anticipation of a broken pipe. Followed by a call to specialists who can conduct a CCTV inspection of your pipes. In order to confirm precisely where and what the issue is.

What Are Your Options?

If the people you employ to do your inspections/testing have the ways and means to do so then they may commence with an external pipe repair fix which could include any of the following methods of repair;

External Pipe Repair

  • Moisture-cured, Fiberglass Wrap Repairs
  • External Pipe Clamps 
  • External Welded Repairs
  • Carbon Fibre Composite Reinforcement

Whilst these methods will be effective, they all have their strengths and weaknesses, more importantly. They all repair some potentially intensive work done in and around. The affected pipework could see you without water until the problem is resolved. 

Internal Pipe Repair

Whilst internal pipe repairing solutions are relatively young in terms of how long they have been in operation, the results speak for themselves. Typically repairs can be done in a really short space of time and there should be little to no upheaval of anything around the pipe work which should guarantee that you have as little downtime as humanly possible!

  • Pipe Relining
  • Trenchless Pipe Repair

You may see this process being referred to as either pipe relining or trenchless pipe repair, either way, they essentially both mean the same thing. The procedure will include a CCTV inspection followed by the fix application which should be a process. That takes place almost seamlessly, in fact, to the naked eye, you’d never know a repair had taken place!

What To Do If You Have Water Supply Issue

  • Check That Your Bill Has Been Paid
  • Via process of elimination check all of your supply points
  • You should be able to at least identify which supply points are affected
  • Call a local specialist to put things right 

Who you choose to employ is entirely up to yourself, however, do always be sure to employ the services of a trained professional. Also, bear in mind that your choice of assessment/repair will determine. How speedy your repair is and how much disruption takes place in the meantime.

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