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How kids will learn while having great fun at a Northern Sydney tennis camp

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Australia is a sporting mad nation, which includes cheering on those holding a racket in major tournaments. There’s little wonder so many of us want to head to the parks and sports clubs to try and emulate our heroes.

That is especially true of youngsters who quickly fall in love with different sports, especially if they get the opportunity to see them being played in person. They cannot wait to emulate what they have seen with dreams of one day gracing the biggest arenas. The younger generation has a chance to start out in the proper way so that they can quickly improve and have fun when attending some of the best tennis camps that are available in Northern Sydney.

Five different locations are available for those wanting their kids to enjoy themselves and develop under the auspice of a popular academy. They are guaranteed to have the time of their lives and yearn for more after partaking in a structured program that brings out the best in them. The range of tennis and fundamental sports activities is the perfect way for them to learn the skills that aid development while they have fun around their peers.

As well as the camp, parents with a busy work schedule can drop the kids off from 7.30am and don’t have to pick them up again until 5pm. This free before and after care service allows for flexibility and for those attending to have increased enjoyment. They’ll never want to go home, but the coaches need a break too! Perhaps parents will be busy at home gathering tips for hosting a memorable occasion.

Another freebie comes on the final day of the camp when everyone tucks into free pizza at lunchtime to restore energy and put even bigger smiles on faces. They may want to pick the brains of the experienced and qualified coaches who head up the camps at all locations, to gather further inspiration. Whatever the weather, the camps go ahead, so there’s no need for any panic or last-minute changes to whatever the guardians have planned tennis camp .

The head coaches are trained in senior first aid so everyone will be looked after on the rare occasions anyone picks up an injury. Everyone from the ages of 4 to 16 can attend, where they will learn while having fun and making new friends as they get involved in the action-packed activities. After the camp is complete, it might be time for a family day out in a stunning national park.

Treats, snacks, and drinks are available at the venues, but parents are advised to pack the kids up with their morning tea and lunch along with a racket, though the camps have spares for those requiring one. Soccer boots and shin pads will be handy for the other activities along with sunscreen and a water bottle.

Youngsters of all ages will have the time of their lives when attending a tennis camp run by professionals which are fun, educational, and may even unearth a future Wimbledon champion.

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