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This Men Type Quiz Reveals Your Attraction to 4 Men Types

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What Type of Man Are You Attracted To?

Men Type Quiz: We find ourselves drawn to males because of a myriad of reasons. Sometimes it’s just the appearance or manner they walk, or how sensitive they can be but sometimes, it’s weird to fall in love with the man of your dreams. However difficult it may appear, there’s a scientific evidence behind the most bizarre romances and crushes that we feel towards males.

What’s”The Men Type Quiz” test you on?

The Men Type Quiz test you on

Psychologists have classified men into different kinds. In the Men type quiz, we concentrate upon one of the more popular and sensible classifications of males. The warrior, the King magician, the king, and the love of their lives. These are also known as archetypes of personality; in terms of men, they have played those roles from the dawn of time. These classifications can be used to define men in a way that may be a surprise to most of us.

Have you ever heard that you are more likely to be men who are typical? Do you encounter similar situations in different relationships, for instance, doing similar things, having the same issues or similar issues? Check out the remainder in the text to learn more about the KWML masculine characteristics outlined by Dr. Robert Moore, a renowned psychologist.

Different Kind of Men Based on KWML

The King

The initial category of the men’s type quiz is monarch. The title monarch suits some males because they are dominant and independent individuals that have a significant part in their surroundings. They do not believe that they are as the centre of the universe. Yet, they’d declare that they are more active than react in most circumstances. Their power could make them appear untrustworthy, but it’s not the case.

The Sovereign King

The King seeks higher levels physically and spiritually. You’re reminded Of Christian Grey, right? The alpha males are organized on territoriality, creativity, and tolerant, however, there are some issues you need to be aware of about the dark side of the King:

The King lurks in the shadows

The Kings could be tyrannical. They may not be a thief or pillager as a friend. Tyrants would rather make friends and partners go too far to help his agenda. So, if you’re an driven person, a touch of tyranny might be ok for you. On the other hand there is a weakness in every the tyrant. The people who rule the throne are queens and kings in the past. Hence they’ve probably been oppressed at some time. That means that if they suffer and hurt, they’ll take revenge and blame it on other people.

The Warrior

This is among the most popular results of the men’s test of type. If you’re awed by the brave muscular men sporting six-packs that look their best when sweaty, then you’re the type of warrior. In the past decade, physical traits of the warrior were removed, as society has been able to label certain traditional characteristics of warriors as aggressive.

The warrior of the champion

A warrior can be your hero. They are intelligent and entertaining, as well as concerned about their looks and their health. They are passionate and loving. like to share their love and joy and are generally friendly. They are usually faithful, even when we assume that the girls of other girls are always following them. They’re devoted to the wolf pack and you. They may appear disconnected at times. There are some points you should be aware of if you want to attracted warrior-type men.

The villain inside warriors

Warriors are extremely competitive, but they don’t know what they want to do with their lives. They could be superstars in sports today, but find themselves on the street unless they find their place in the world of relationships and the world.

The warriors let out their anger in physical form. This is why they can become kinky. If not controlled, this could cause extreme sadness and the masochism.

The Magician

The magicians are people with intelligence and sophistication. They are awed by knowing the world and its places. Their mental discipline and discipline can make them a candidate for higher status. They take care of the person they are helping however, they’re far removed from the body and tend to think about everything instead of feeling. They are more inclined to plan things in advance, and they’re not at all keen on being shocked.

The magician in white

Magicians are excellent companions in terms of their expertise and an optimistic outlook. They also make excellent spiritual guides and gurus since they look for the beauty of their eyes and in their minds. They’re not drawn to women who read however, they aren’t as simple like the warriors or King. They’re extremely thoughtful and will be able to know you better than any other provided you allow them enough time.

The dark wizard

The dark magician utilizes his skills to control and manipulate. He is an expert in disguise and can change from a loving, thoughtful lover into a stone-cold demon. They are pessimists and blame other people for their mistakes and aren’t able to trust you due to the fact that they’re skeptical.

The Lover

The name suggests that lovers are associated with intense affection and sexual pleasure. But, their love is not restricted to bed. Love and hatred are the two main ways they see the world. They are at the moment, enjoy music and dancing and are not good at anything they do not like and are gifted for the arts.

The Strong Lover

He is adept in expressing and receiving joy. The lover is present in the moment , not having to be afraid of what’s in the far distance. The lover will fulfill your most cherished goals, even though they do not intend to be a lie to you, they’ll never attempt to be like the warriors or possess the ability to achieve these goals like the King. Do they have loyalty? Most likely not; they are enjoying the moment. Are they worth the price? Sure, they’re entertaining and exciting and can provide a night to remember.

The lover who is a snare

The lover is in search of pleasure from the present and surrounding surroundings. He may be awed by his pleasure which can lead to various kinds of addictions. The person who loves him could turn into sexually addicted or addicted to drugs if not vigilant. Keep an eye out for warning indications such as not calling you on your period, or drinking too many drinks before going out. Another issue for lovers is that he’s unable to keep many promises and is more likely to be financially disadvantaged or lose his money in the gambling.

Looking For a Surprise? Take the Men Type Quiz

This test will help you determine what kind of men type quiz you’re drawn to and the kind of man your enthusiasm draws the most. Beware of ugly shadows that each type of man has. The questions are simple and the answers may surprise you.

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