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Reasons to invest in Malta’s real estate market


When you think of Malta, you probably think of beautiful beaches and Mediterranean architecture, but did you know that it’s also one of the hottest real estate markets in Europe? Not only does it have relatively low tax rates compared to other EU countries, but the Mediterranean island has plenty of natural splendor, including rustic villages surrounded by olive groves and serene landscapes that are perfect for getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Here’s why you should consider investing in Malta’s luxury properties for sale.

Quality of life

Malta offers a high quality of life and is in close proximity to many European countries. Malta’s main industries are tourism, financial services, and e-gaming, with substantial growth in all three fields. With such rapid growth, there will be demand for both workers and residential housing that not only provide living space but also offer luxury.

The country has an abundance of natural beauty, boasting some of Europe’s best beaches. These pristine areas have attracted wealthy investors who want to enjoy their time off in style while still being able to work remotely or attend business meetings on location at one of Malta’s many luxurious resorts or hotels. Some major companies have already moved their headquarters from neighboring countries because they see opportunity on Malta as well as its potential for future growth.


Malta is easily accessible from many European cities and has an airport which serves many international airlines, including Emirates, Air Malta, Lufthansa and Ryanair. There are also direct flights between Malta and New York (JFK) by JetBlue and Delta. International cruise ships visit Malta on a regular basis during summer months with occasional visits all year round. Your clients will be able to reach your properties quickly and conveniently.

Low crime rates

Living in a region with low crime rates can make for a very stress-free life. Security is of paramount importance, and many people will choose to pay a little more for properties that have state-of-the-art security systems. For your personal protection, consider investing in luxury properties for sale in Malta. There are very low crime rates here and you can sleep easy at night knowing that you’re safe inside your house and also when you venture out during daylight hours.

Strong economy

Malta’s economy is strong and growing, with government policies that aim to increase international trade and attract foreign investors. Specifically, attractive tax incentives encourage overseas companies to open up new offices in Malta. In terms of residential properties, high demand coupled with low supply pushes prices up every year resulting in rising rental incomes for property owners. Now is a great time for you to invest in luxury properties for sale in Malta.

Free movement within the European Union

The European Commission has opened a case against Malta for its failure to honor an agreement on free movement of people within Europe. Citizens from one E.U. country should be able to travel freely throughout other E.U. countries, including for residency purposes, but for reasons that are still unclear, each individual Maltese government since 1996 has opted out of what is called Directive 2004/38/E.U.

Property prices are still relatively cheap

By looking at luxury properties for sale in Malta, you’ll notice that property prices are still relatively cheap compared to European standards. This makes it a good time to buy. New legislation could see foreign buyers gain more rights, while rental yields remain attractive despite high demand and low supply of housing. There’s also a growth-positive trend underway, with new development expected over coming years.


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