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Practice Mate Software: What Is There To Know

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Say no to cumbersome clinical activities and experience automated operations with Practice Mate software. Don’t know about this EMR platform? No worries. Here we will present you with a detailed overview of the system along with its functionalities and customer satisfaction rate.

About Practice Mate Software

Practice Mate by Office Ally is a cost-free EHR software that has been offering full services for ages. The software never lets down its clients by always finding a way to meet customers’ expectations. Whether it’s a patient or a provider, both are equally accommodated with the priceless services of this EHR system. This solution empowers providers to bid farewell to manual record-keeping processes by featuring a digitized database, followed by endless security.

Reviews illustrate that the one-in-a-kind services of Practice Mate EHR help the vendor score a potential client base. People rely on its services to streamline their clinical workflow. Optimizing the revenue cycle is what the vendor excels at as it features an integrated clearinghouse. All its exclusive clinical services work to reduce the clinician’s burnout. Also, this web-based solution boosts patient experience by featuring integrated clinical services that assure smooth information flow for effective care treatment.

Distinctive Features of Practice Mate

Practice Mate software offers an integrated clearinghouse, Patient Ally (the patient portal), and Practice Mate (the practice management software) for free. The demo of Practice Mate is full of content-rich insights into these services. But there’s much more to it. The vendor offers many distinctive features with the sole aim of simplifying healthcare management for professionals. Here’s the list of add-on services of Practice Mate software.

Intake Pro

Intake Pro is a tech-savvy tool that speeds up intake forms by digitizing the entire process. From the very start, patients fill their forms using a tablet that is integrated with the EHR. Then, the information entered into the tablets is automatically uploaded to the EHR solution, removing the need for re-data entry. This is how Intake Pro boosts clinical efficiency.

Credit Card Processing  

The reviews show that Practice Mate teams up with AxiaMed to feature high-grade credit card processing. The vendor makes it easy for the clients to clear payments by featuring this service. Also, it simplifies payment processing as the payments are integrated with the billing module. In addition, all financial transactions were recorded on the patient account ledger.


This is a robust e-prescribing tool that is available for free. All Practice Mate clients can avail this cost-free service for prescribing substance-controlled medication. It allows for refills, change requests and supports a pre-authorization capability too. Physicians can even check for formulary alternatives for contradictory drugs leading to effective treatment outcomes.

Reminder Mate

It is the most praised service in the reviews section of Practice Mate. Supporting 18 different languages, this tool helps minimize patient no-shows. It does so by sending patient reminders for upcoming reminders on calls or via emails. Reminder Mate is an automated service and saves the front-desk staff precious time.

Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management is an exclusive feature that allows for delivering optimal care facilities to patients suffering from chronic diseases. This service by Practice Mate empowers clinical providers to set up individualized treatment plans for the patients. This way, it improves non-face-to-face care management leading to a higher customer satisfaction rate.


Practice Mate software offers a direct messaging service for the care providers. Updox is even included in the demo of Practice Mate, and it is presented as a way of secured communication. Providers can use it to ask FAQs and rely on it to get meaningful responses as the Practice Mate integration with Updox opens up the doors fr providers to be a part of the world’s largest physician connectivity chain.

Key Alternatives of Practice Mate

Don’t you think that this system is suitable for your medical practice? That’s okay, for there are tons of other remarkable platforms to choose from. However, not every EHR is suitable for all medical specialties. Here we have compiled the top alternatives of Practice EHR software. Choose the one that companies with your specialty-specific practice.

Sammy EHR

Sammy EHR is a robust platform designed explicitly for podiatry practices. It does more than managing the administrative tasks and helps streamline the patient influx. Sammy EH is well-equipped with state-of-the-art functionalities to help practice excel at what they do. Work done within minutes saving tons of time for podiatrists. Being a HIPAA-compliant software, Sammy EHR offers exclusive services that comply with the regulatory bodies. Also, Sammy EHR helps capture medical information easily.


Epic Care is a multispecialty solution that promises endless functionalities to its clients. The vendor has a keen eye towards physicians’ convenience and thus features robust administrative and clinical facilities. It goes beyond average to generate equitable outcomes for practices. The distinctive features of this AI-augmented solution are real-time authorization, payer gateway, claim-based analytics, remote monitoring, and referral management. Utilizing all these services to the fullest, providers can scale their business.


Cerner is also a comprehensive multidisciplinary. EMR platform designed to enhance the patient care services of practices. It aims to boost the patient satisfaction rate of practices with services like secured communication, digitized patient check-ins, and a patient portal. This customizable solution has on-premise and web-based deployment options and offers a set of unified services. It boosts the administrative efforts to achieve clinical and financial stability. Also, Cerner EMR supports endless integrations and auto-text tools for the good of practices.

Concluding Thoughts

By now, you might have got a clear idea of whether Practice EHR software is the right pick for you. It is all about clinical requirements and specialty-specific needs. If the vendor is compatible with your needs, give it a go; otherwise, go for the alternatives. There’s no point in investing in a state-of-the-art solution if it doesn’t comply with your needs. If you think Practice Mate is the one for you, set a demo with the vendor. The demo of Practice Mate will work just like a prompt walk-through. Use it to get a better insight into the software’s functionalities. Also, don’t forget to look into the reviews of Practice Mate.

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