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What does taking CBD oil feel like? What Should Be Expected

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For many people in Canada who are planning to try CBD for the first time, one question is often asked: what does taking CBD oil feel like? And why CBD oil you may ask? Well, because CBD oil is probably one of the most reliable and easiest products you can find in Canada today. Compared to other CBD products, oil is easier to use and offers some other advantages like precise dosage control, portability, many options, and leave little to no mess.

In recent years, many Canadians have tried CBD and fell in love with it. For some of them, CBD is a friend that they can’t part with. From relieving their symptoms to relaxing, CBD has a lot to offer for the user.

If you have never used CBD oil, you must be curious about its taste and effects. Some people are also worried if they might get high or not from using CBD oil.

What does CBD oil feel like?

CBD or CBD oil does have an effect on your body. But do not mistake it with THC, which has psychoactive properties that can make you feel ‘high’. CBD on the other hand doesn’t contain any psychoactive properties, so it won’t make you feel high.

Some people take CBD to ease the symptoms of their ailments, such as insomnia, pain, inflammation, PTSD, and anxiety. There are also more ailments that CBD is known to be able to help with. So if you are using CBD in the hope to ease these symptoms, you can expect to get better after using it for a while. It can take a couple of days, a week, or even a month to notice the changes. You need consistent dosing to notice the results.

Why does it take so long? And why do some people need to wait only a couple of days, while others may have to wait a month? Well, the thing with CBD is that the effects may vary from person to person. There are various factors such as tolerance levels, age, body weight, height, and the severity of the ailments that could affect the effectiveness of CBD in the body.

IF some people said that they feel better after using CBD oil for only a couple of days, while you still haven’t felt the effects whatsoever after the same period of time, don’t lose hope. You either need to wait longer or increase the dosage. Either way, you may also want to consult things with your doctor as well.

While CBD oil is a great versatile option for delivering CBD, it doesn’t last particularly long, can be tricky to consume, and also lacks discretion increase or decrease your appetite. CBD capsules are quite the opposite – a discrete method of consumption, easy to travel with and the effects last much longer. What’s more, you can find brands such as Cannacares, who offer subscription services for CBD capsules so that you never have to worry about running out. What’s more, they also offer 20% off every order with a subscription! You can find their vegan-friendly CBD capsules on their website.

So does CBD oil give you a buzz?

CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid, a natural compound found in hemp plants. It’s one of the hundreds of compounds in these plants, but compared to others, CBD is probably the most popular one in Canada. Especially in recent years where we have seen a surge in the popularity of CBD products.

CBD doesn’t give you buzz, unlike THC. CBD does have some positive health benefits for the user. This is why some people prefer CBD products that don’t contain any trace of THC at all. So they want the health benefits of CBD without the buzz that THC could give. This is also a common thing in Canada, where you can find many such products on the market.

Unfortunately, some Canadians still think that CBD and THC are the same things. Just remember that CBD can come from a hemp plant, which has less than 0.3% of THC. Hemp-derived CBD products are available legally and won’t make you high.

So what can you expect from CBD oil?

Many Canadians have proved that CBD oil worked for them. So you can expect pretty much the same effect. You might feel better, your mood improved, you feel less pain or annoyance from your ailments. Just keep in mind that you need to take CBD regularly to get the benefits. Start from lower doses and see how your body reacts to CBD oil. In Canada, this site offers some of the best deals on CBD oil products.


Without a doubt, CBD oil is beneficial for the user. The key is that you have to be consistent, keep taking it regularly before you can feel the effects. You can expect to feel better gradually within a week or month.

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