Medical plastic injection molding

How to Use Medical Plastic Injection Molding to Make a Medical Syringe


In modern medicine, the syringe stands as an indispensable tool for administering drugs, vaccines and medical procedures. The manufacture of these important devices requires precision and consumption to strict quality standards. One of the most efficient methods for making medical syringes is medical plastic injection molding.

Understanding medical plastic injection molding:

A medical plastic injector is a very sophisticated feature in which molded plastic is placed inside the mold. This process can provide stable and accurate results, ensuring the consistency and reliability of syringes and other medical devices. The basic components needed to make a medical syringe are the barrel, plunger and needle hub, each carefully crafted

Step-by-step instructions for making a medical syringe:

Design and prototyping: The process begins with the design and prototyping phase, where engineers carefully plan syringe parts shapes, materials and specifications to create detailed 3D models often using advanced CAD software implementation, enabling virtual testing and optimization.

Material selection: Choosing the right plastic case is important to ensure that the syringe will be safe and compatible with various medications. Polycarbonates, polypropylene, and cyclic olefin polymers are among the commonly used materials known for their biocompatibility and sterilizing properties

Making utensils and cutlery: Once the design is finalized, unique cutlery and utensils are created to create Siri’s desired shapes and sizes

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