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Don’t let Computer Repair Service fees steal your money

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Don’t Be Gouged by Computer Repair Prices – Follow These Tips

Imagine hiring someone to fix your broken computer, only to have them try to rip you off without completing the job. My experience was similar when I called a computer technician to come to my house to fix what I thought was a simple problem. He pried open the computer and a few hours later, there was still no fix and he was demanding more money.

I began with a little computer check-up. My laptop was quickly disassembled and the repairman looked around inside. Later, he simply told me that the only solution was to buy a new motherboard, which would cost around Rs. 1500.

Despite not being an expert in computers, I immediately became suspicious and wondered if the problem was as serious as he claimed. Instead of paying for the fix, I decided to have my laptop checked by another technician to verify the problem.

The other computer guy checked it out later and told me some of the circuits within the computer had fried, leading to a charger connection issue, which prevented my computer from starting up. But what was the problem? There wasn’t necessarily a problem with my motherboard in all of this.

In a hurry, consumers can easily fall victim to technicians who overcharge for something completely unnecessary because they’re taking advantage of their ignorance.

  • Make sure the technician checks your setup while you are in the shop after you’ve taken it to the store. Discuss the price after the technician finds what’s wrong. The purpose of this is to make sure the price doesn’t go over, which can happen in computer shops that rely more on haggling than fixed prices. Once the technician agrees to a price, if they claim they can’t fix your problem due to another issue requiring more money, then you can refer to the agreed price and stand your ground. If you stay firm, they’ll eventually concede and fix the problem, but be sure not to pay the full price until they have demonstrated that the problem is fixed.
  • Secondly, depending on the size of the store, price quotes may differ. Larger stores usually quote higher than smaller ones (and not because they’re greedy!) because they have higher rents to worry about.
  • The third point. It is a sign that your computer repairman has been in the industry for some time if he or she can disassemble your computer easily. It’s a sure sign that you’re dealing with a novice if it takes them a long time to get through the basics. Rather trust an expert than someone who doesn’t know the difference between a keypad and a disk drive.
  • Finally, don’t put all your eggs in one basket — shop around and find other repair shops that might offer better deals for the same service.

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Computer Repair - service charges

Repair service booking does not require any fees. Until your repairman fixes the problem, you won’t be charged for the actual repair fee. It is always possible to leave a positive review if you are pleased with the overall experience so that more people from anywhere can get good computer repair services when they need them.

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