the keyboard matter on a laptop

Why does the keyboard matter on a laptop?

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The laptop keyboard is one of the essential parts of your laptop. Its design and layout will affect how efficiently you can type, affecting how fast you can write code on your computer. With a newer style like the butterfly mechanism, it’s easier to type more accurately, with less finger strain and fatigue.

The keyboard is more ergonomic than a mouse.

Most people who start coding are ambidextrous, meaning that they can use both hands for many things. This is why the mouse comes in Two varieties – one for left-handers and one for right-handers; it’s why most laptop mice have buttons on both sides.

But why should you care about your keyboard? You’ve already got that mouse! Well, because the keyboard is far more ergonomic than a mouse. Typing with your fingers is more natural than dragging your hand across a desk to move a cursor. There’s no need for specialized equipment such as mice and trackballs when you’re typing.

And why does this matter? It means that programming can be a lot more comfortable and efficient with a keyboard. Let’s look at why it matters when you’re coding.

how many sections in the keyboards

sections in the keyboards
sections in the keyboards

There are two keyboard sections you have to type on: the alphas and the numbers.

The alphas are where you’ll spend a lot of your time typing variable names, function names, keywords, and other things that don’t change. This means that it’s essential that these keys be easy to find and hit.

The numbers section is essential for counting iterations but not as crucial as the alphas. This means that it’ll be a bit more challenging to reach the keys here, which makes them slightly less ergonomic. However, there’s no need for this keyboard to be harder to type on than a standard laptop keyboard.

What makes a good laptop keyboard

Many things make a good laptop keyboard, but some things are more important than others—for example, making sure that all of the keys work is more important than having an extra specialized key on the bottom row.

Why use function keys in laptops?

Function keys are not the primary choice for coding, but they can be used differently. Using function keys multiple purposefully can make your coding workflow much faster by assigning different functions to them.

What are the uses of function keys on laptops?

function keys on laptops
function keys on laptops

We have explained each one in the list below:

F1 can be used when you’re in deep thought and need to remember something.

F2 can be used to search in any application quickly.

F3 can help bring up a configurable notepad in which you can type anything related to the task at hand and save it for reuse later on. F4 is useful for opening up the context menu of any item in an app so you can copy and paste with ease.

F5 is used when you want to refresh a window that has changed on another computer or forget to save your code and need to load it again.

F6, when held down, lets you navigate through commands in the order they were typed, just like pressing the up arrow keys on your keyboard.

F7 can be used for spell-checking text, while F8 lets you navigate through any web page.

F9 is useful for playing around with different options in an app or game without making permanent changes.

F10, when held down, immediately starts recording everything you do, letting you go through what you just did after the fact. For example, if you fixed a bug by accident, this key can be used to immediately rewind time so that the problem is fixed before it’s even there.

F11 can be used for taking screenshots of whatever app or game you’re playing without having to press any keys on the keyboard.

F12 is useful for taking screenshots of any full page instead of just what’s displayed on the screen at that moment, which can then be uploaded to Imgur without having to press any keys on your keyboard.

What are the benefits of having function keys in a laptop?


As discussed above, there are many benefits of using function keys; here are the Benefits of having function keys on laptop keyboards.


  1. Useful for taking screenshots.
  2. Useful for navigating through your history of used commands in terminal/command prompt apps.
  3. Useful for searching anything quickly.
  4. Useful for opening recent files or recently visited locations in apps.
  5. Useful for opening the browser’s address bar in Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Other than that, there are multiple benefits of using function keys.

There’s a straightforward way to Enable Function Keys on Toshiba Laptops. If you want to know how to do it, Read Below.

How to Enable Function Keys on Laptops

It’s so easy to enable function keys on laptops, and all laptops’ methods are similar, just!

  1. Press ” Win+F. ” It’ll open the settings window where you can see different options
  2. Click on the ” Ease of Access Keyboard ” option
  3. Here, You can see ” Function Keys, “by default it is turned off , Turn on the function keys option
  4. Finally, click anywhere on your screen and enjoy Function Keys on your laptop.

But it is very important to know about one thing: how to Enable Function Keys on Toshiba Laptop?

As we know, when we insert the USB into our Toshiba Laptop, it automatically detects and installs all required drivers. So at that time, when we open any file, It will not ask for any installation or update or driver. Then how will be Enable Function Keys on your laptop?

How to Enable Function Keys on Toshiba Laptops

There’s a very easy way to Enable Function Keys on Toshiba Laptops. If you want to know how to do it, Read Below.


  1. Turn on your laptop and Press the ” FU” key. First, you need to turn on the keyboard then press any Function Key
  2. Now, a prompt comes up stated that whether to continue or not; click yes. It’ll Enable the function keys of your laptop for some time till you restart your laptop
  3. After restarting your laptop, You have to repeat the process again and Enable the function keys of your laptop.
  4. In this way, you can easily enable Function Keys on your Toshiba Laptop by pressing a single key combination. That’s it! I hope that now you know how to do it.

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