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Running my agency from Bangalore was my ultimate decision, but coming to the new city and expanding your business isn’t easy. First, I needed to get myself home, and that’s when I came across Brigade Horizon, an affordable space in Kambipura that has beautiful design and architecture. From the very start of my career, I’ve always wanted to live alone and run my company, and finally, my dream is coming true as I’m planning to get a place at this apartment.

Finding an apartment is a challenging task, and it’s crucial to look at all the elements before going with a flat. The place had a beautiful view and a pleasing surroundings, the way I wanted it to be. I was in chase of an affordable place from where I could efficiently work at my agency. Running my business remotely, I didn’t have many expectations from the site, but if I’m investing, the area has to be beautiful and luxurious.

This project caught my attention as they had everything I was looking for at a very affordable price. Being in Kambipura Bangalore, I always loved the weather and being sick of paying rent in Bangalore. It was high time for me to get myself a home where I could settle down and operate things at my business. I’m not a picky guy, and I just wanted a place that is convenient and easy to use. The things I’m concerned with are good connectivity and cheerful surroundings, and I’m getting both here.

The place I was staying at first didn’t have good connectivity, which I disliked, but now It was time to move to this new place and prioritize my health and company, which is why the other most crucial thing I needed here was a gym. As I love fitness, I want this place to have a full-fledged gym, and guess what? We have a considerable Gym here. This place was already the perfect choice for me, but the other elements also have to be checked out before I move forward with this property.

What I Liked About Brigade Horizon

Brigade Horizon was already perfect, as I was getting everything I was expecting. Still, I called up my friend, who’s a real estate agent, to examine the property and tell me if this was an excellent property to invest in or not. Being at this place, I’m going to have the best time of my life, how? Because the site is Near Mys – Blr Highway, my traveling is sorted, and I don’t have to worry about traveling in Bangalore.

When I called my friend, he said it’s a fantastic property, and renowned builders do the project, and I can go with this one as it’s an excellent deal. As I got confirmation from my friend, I was all ready to invest here and shift in recent years. To run my business remotely, this place was perfect, and the amenities offered here were just cheery on the top. The surroundings at Kambipura were pretty beautiful, which made the site more appealing.

Amenities That I Liked At Brigade Horizon

The investment I was making was ₹46.31 Lacs to ₹1.04 Crores for a BHK, and after seeing the amenities, I knew that this had to be the best investment I’d ever made. First, we have a Gym for fitness enthusiasts like me, and then we have a dedicated place for kids, which is a Children’s play area. I love being at parties, and there’s a Party area at this place as well.

For proper security, there’s a CCTV camera and Fire safety to avoid any suspicious activity. There’s a Maintenance staff, and to use the resources right, there’s a Rainwater harvesting system at the place. There’s a Tennis court for people who love to play tennis.  To park my vehicle safely, there’s a Visitor parking and also a Community hall where people can connect. There are a lot of Indoor games available at this place. For convenience, there’s Power backup and a Park for all the society members.

There’s a Jogging track, Swimming pool

And a Common garden where I can go for a walk or swim whenever I want. For proper waste management, there’s a Sewage treatment plant. A clubhouse is also available at this place, and there’s a Lift accessible to all the rooms.  I don’t believe in Vastu Shastra, but the site is Vastu compliant. This was the perfect home that I’ll be living in very soon.

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