IT Outsourcing for Businesses

The Advantages of IT Outsourcing for Your Business


When no one is involved in the IT structure, the company is always at risk. Threats of data loss, dangers associated with equipment failure at the worst possible time and so on. Some people believe that if no one is in charge of the IT structure, it is the cheapest alternative, but this is rarely the case.

Do the math:

  • how much money did you spend on one-time visits by specialists;
  • how much did employee downtime cost you, both due to breakdowns and downtime associated with “braking” programs and other things;
  • how much you could save on the purchase of components;
  • how much you can save by connecting to the optimal Internet provider;
  • how much is your confidential information (customer databases, supplier databases, etc.) worth when selling it to your competitors.

Many modern businesses have recognized the benefits of IT outsourcing and are successfully utilizing it to grow their business. Outsourcing a firm involves committing the completion of specific tasks to a third-party organization (contractor), who will ensure that the company’s IT infrastructure operates at peak efficiency and performance. This method allows you to lower the cost of personnel retention while greatly improving the quality of the IT infrastructure.

What is IT outsourcing?

When an enterprise uses outsourcing services, it delegates some of its internal operations to a specialist company that will develop and maintain the IT infrastructure. Outsourcing entails working with a contractor for a set amount of time. The contractor receives the full system or merely a portion of its components.

IT outsourcing services may include the following:

  • constant monitoring of server and network equipment;
  • software update and configuration;
  • information security, protection against hacker attacks;
  • consultations on any issues related to IT infrastructure;
  • support for backup services.

The contractor’s services, as well as the terms and conditions for their delivery, are outlined in a subscription service agreement signed by the two parties.

Benefits of the service

Significantly low IT outsourcing cost is one of the main advantages of IT outsourcing and allows you to save money without compromising the quality of IT services. A subscription service agreement is much cheaper than maintaining a full-time employee and does not require overhead costs such as paying for a social package or providing the administrator with a workspace.

Other advantages of IT outsourcing include:

  • no costs for searching and training specialists;
  • the ability to quickly change the scope of tasks;
  • reduction of the tax base (there is no need to pay taxes on full-time employees);
  • improving the quality of implemented systems and software;
  • quick response to emergency situations;
  • efficient use of computer equipment.

Outsourcing services will allow the company to focus on core business processes. Thanks to maintenance by a contractor, it is possible to ensure stable operation of information systems and significantly increase their reliability and security.

Who needs the services of an IT outsourcer?

Only a decade ago, few people used outsourcing services, preferring to have a full-time specialist for each work. They are being employed by numerous businesses to ensure the high quality of their information system construction. Third-party service, as practice indicates, improves business processes and optimizes the operation of computer equipment in a firm. IT outsourcing may be necessary in the following situations:

  • to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of computers at the stage of opening a business;
  • as a replacement or addition to existing technical support for the stable development of the enterprise;
  • for companies at the stage of their growth – when the requirements for full-time employees have significantly outgrown their qualifications.

Any legal entity can resort to engaging contractors, be it large production facilities, logistics companies or online stores. With their help, all activities are distributed in such a way that the company pays maximum attention to the main areas without being distracted by additional tasks.

What is better – your own IT department or IT outsourcing?

During every phase of the company’s operations, the manager may be faced with the decision of creating his own IT department or outsourcing information network services. When making a decision, consider issues such as people credentials, problem-solving speed and the amount of IT infrastructure.

In a small business, a system administrator can do these responsibilities, but don’t expect him to prioritize business development over routine.In many businesses, the amount of work necessary is significantly less than that required to completely employ a full-time employee. When a company uses the services of an outsourcing organization, it receives multi-level assistance in which all issues are treated quickly and at a fixed cost.


Outsourcing your IT needs can help you save money, boost productivity, and gain access to cutting-edge technology and experience. This is an excellent method for scaling your business operations while keeping IT infrastructure expenditures under control. Consider outsourcing your IT services immediately if you want to take your business to the next level!

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