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Why learn? And why did you choose the teaching profession?

Teaching is a noble profession. It’s more than just a career, it’s a profession that leaves a huge legacy. If you are looking for a job that is completely out of the question and you are not afraid of challenges, this may be the job for you, whether it is your first position after college or you are thinking of a new career. A teacher’s career is not only challenging but also exciting and rewarding. Teachers have many personal benefits and satisfaction from the positive impact on students’ lives.

Teacher: definition

In the broadest sense, the learning Professional Development for Teachers is a process that accelerates learning. Learning is designed to provide a unique service that meets the educational needs of the individual and society, and is a specialized application of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The teacher is responsible for selecting the teaching activities whose educational goals are achieved at the school. In addition to providing students with educational opportunities to achieve program results, education supports the development of values ​​and guides students in their social relationships. Teachers use practices that promote students’ positive self-image. Although teachers’ work usually takes place in the classroom, direct interaction between teacher and student is the most important element of education.

Teachers provide students with personalized and attentive services through diagnosis and planning of their needs and select and use assessment methods and techniques designed to improve learning. They provide adequate and effective education. Evaluates students’ learning by developing and maintaining a safe and respectful learning environment.

Why become a teacher?

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Make A Difference

Teachers can change students’ lives every day. Whatever subject you choose, there is a new opportunity to influence the student’s life, contribute to his individual growth, and give him hope for the future that comes every day. They can also have a global impact if they travel abroad to learn.

Every day is different

The teaching is different every day and in each lesson. It’s fast and there is nothing more beautiful than knowing that you will educate and develop future generations.

All work with children has an element of unpredictability, which is less true for education. Despite the routine and flow of each day, there is no way to be boring – your students will challenge and surprise you in a way you could never have imagined. If you like to communicate with people and do something different and special every day, then this is for you.

Explore areas of interest

Teachers are lifelong teachers. Not only are they able to regularly explore and discover new educational topics and tools, but they also develop deep communication and cooperation skills through regular interaction with students, and parents. , and a guide.

In general, teachers also have several hours off in the summer months. This schedule is ideal for spending time with family, pursuing other interests, and completing graduate courses. enjoy the benefits.

Teachers benefit from competitive salaries and benefits. There is a wide range of job opportunities for graduate teachers. In addition, teachers had a high degree of autonomy in the classroom. You can create plans and find learning methods that work for you and your students. Learning is not a job at home, but an opportunity to be creative and explore different possibilities. enthusiasm for teaching.

Why do people decide to become teachers? 

Some people choose this career because they are encouraged by parents of strong populations who believe that education will provide them with job security, nice holidays, and a reasonable salary.

How many people are motivated to learn for altruistic reasons? Some teachers say it’s ungrateful work, others say they like what they do and they can’t imagine what they’re doing. There are many teachers who never see the fruits of their efforts because they work with teenagers who are in the process of changing the stages of their lives.

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