A Blast Freezer: What Is It?

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Simply described, a blast freezer is a very cold freezer.

Shock freezers are another name for blast freezers. To lock in the flavour and nutrition of the food for the best quality for customers, this sort of freezer storage rapidly lowers the temperature of (often) cooked or fresh products.

There is no end to the sectors that may profit from a Blast Freezer since they are extremely flexible to the demands of enterprises. They are frequently used in the frozen food industry for ice cream, pre-prepared meals, vegetables, and seafood.

How can I utilise a blast freezer?

The water inside of food crystallises into ice when it is frozen. The size of the ice crystals might increase with the duration of freezing. Larger ice crystals cause cell bursting, which degrades materials and alters food quality and flavour.

Tiny crystals develop as a result of rapid freezing, which causes small harm but improves food preservation. A regular freezer may be used to store food for longer periods once it has been “blast frozen,” provided it remains cold enough to keep food at the right temperature.

How Does Blast Freezing Work?

Many blast freezers employ blower fans to quickly cool the contents of the freezer by squeezing cold air over it. Depending on the design, others may operate differently. They frequently have several compartments for freezing and might include trays that rotate around to arrange food.

As long as the freezer’s capacity is not exceeded, it may usually accommodate meals that are heated or at room temperature. If you put a lot of hot food in the freezer, the temperature will rise, which will reduce the freezer’s ability to cool food.

Chillers that use a blast for safe freezing

In addition to preserving the food’s integrity, freshness, and flavour, blast freezing has a positive impact on health and safety since it inhibits the growth of microorganisms. If the food is prepared properly, handled carefully, and then placed right away in the freezer, contamination is much reduced.

Blast freezing is particularly common in industrial food preparation facilities due to its benefit to food safety, which significantly lowers the danger to clients and consumers.

To satisfy the specific demands of your business, CRS may supply customised blast freezers, such as • Internal person trapped alarm systems with fridge shutdown and battery backup

  • Remote diagnostics and alarms • Manual override controller and display • Sensor failure alarm • Person trapped alert • Control System with Pack Controlled and Touch Display

The danger zone for temperature

Between 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, bacteria grow at an accelerated rate. Foodborne disease risks rise when food is kept in the temperature danger zone for a prolonged period. Food is shielded from the danger zone by blast chillers, which rapidly reduce food temperatures.

Freezer vs. Blast Chiller

A blast chiller swiftly cools food by forcing the cold air over the food product while progressively lowering the temperature in the chamber, as opposed to a freezer, which maintains food at below-freezing temperatures. After being cooled, the food needs to be taken out of the blast chiller and put in the freezer. Although not required, a blast chiller can help you work more efficiently in the kitchen. The quality of your food will not be preserved by freezing it in a professional freezer, but it is vital to keep it frozen and away from danger. Your foodservice kitchen would benefit from having a blast chiller to swiftly freeze food and reduce inventory waste.

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