Dry ice maker

Dry ice maker

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We will require a top-notch dry ice manufacturing system or dry ice generating equipment that can run continuously to generate dry ice. So how does the dry ice maker producing machine operates and how many different models are there now available?

What exactly is a dry ice machine?

Specialized industrial equipment known as a dry ice maker is used to create dry ice in large quantities. The parameters of the production level and the volume of CO2 dry ice generated may be altered based on the user’s production requirements.

To make material for a dry ice blaster to use to clean a machine’s surface or mould, dry ice generation is a necessary step.

The highest quality dry ice machine currently available on the market is Cold Jet’s, which is exclusively supplied by Specco2 in Vietnam. Even the pickiest consumers will be satisfied with the excellent quality, impurity-free dry ice that is created.

How do dry ice makers operate?

The process of turning CO2 from a gas to a liquid and then sending it via an expansion valve, which permits the CO2 gas to expand, is essentially how dry ice makers operate. Dry ice is created when a gas condenses at atmospheric pressure (frozen CO2). The heat of vaporisation from the phase shift is either discharged into the environment or used for the next dry ice manufacturing (in bigger, more advanced production equipment) (in smaller units with simpler designs and lower production output).

Based on capacity and the amount of dry ice generated, which is often expressed in kg/hr or lbs/hr, these dry ice-producing machines come in a variety of sizes.

Additionally, we need to know the specifications for the CO2 intake pressure in pressure units like bars or psi to make dry ice of outstanding quality. The density of dry ice will increase with the amount of liquid CO2 used in its manufacturing, making it less volatile and improving the effectiveness of dry ice cleaning.

The production capacity and desired dry ice style, which rely on the manufacturer’s use, are the two main factors that should be considered when choosing the model to employ.

Many dry ice machines are built to run on liquid carbon dioxide that is stored in tanks and carried by trucks or train waggons in pressurised tanks.

In other instances, when carbon dioxide gas is created as a byproduct of ethanol or ammonia manufacturing, at dry ice factories near oil or ammonia refineries. The cost and distance from where it is simple to receive CO2 sources are reduced due to this closeness. In similar circumstances, a pipeline can be set up to go straight from the refinery to the plant that makes dry ice.

Some dry ice machine types have parallel redundancy, which enables operations to continue on one side of the machine while the other side is being maintained.

The dry ice maker provided by Specco2

A variety of authentic dry ice production equipment from the well-known American company Cold Jet is offered in Vietnam by Specco2. Generally speaking, there are two types of dry ice machines: regular dry ice machines and bulk dry ice machines with a continuous capacity of 24/24.

The dry ice production equipment provided by Specco2 can create significant amounts of dry ice with very high-quality thanks to its proven quality and cutting-edge logistics.

Some of the goods Specco2 sells include:

Dry Ice Production Machine PR120H

A high-quality machine for producing pelletized dry ice, the PR120H Dry Ice Production Machine. Thanks to cutting-edge CO2 injection and purification technologies, manufacturing times are quick. High-quality dry ice may be made using the PR120H at a rate of 120 kilogrammes (265 lbs) per hour.

  • Size: 45.3″ x 25.6″ x 68.4″ (1150 x 650 x 1738 mm)
  • Mass: 1552 lbs (704 kg) – Contains Hydraulic Oi

Dry Ice Production Machine PR750H

The PR750H is a commercial dry ice pelletizer that starts producing high-quality pellets after just one stroke. The closed chamber technology, which also guarantees quick production shifts and a very short start-up time, secures this.

  • Dimensions: 59 by 59 by 71 inches (1500 x 1500 x 1800 mm)

Weight: 4017 pounds (1822 kg) – Comprised of Hydraulic Oil

Model PR750H Dry Ice Making Device

The P3000 is a fully automated dry ice pelletizer that can produce high-density dry ice pellets or nuggets at a rate of up to 2,400 lbs (1,090 kg) per hour on demand utilising a source of liquid CO2 and electricity. The P3000 is equipped to handle any degree of demand since it may operate all four barrels concurrently or a pair of two barrels separately.

  • Size: 108″ x 72″ x 88″ (274.3 x 182.9 x 223.5 cm)
  • Mass: 6825 lbs (3102.3 kg)

advantages of a cold jet dry ice maker

Considerable benefits of Cold Jet’s dry ice maker include the following:

  • The dry ice pellets’ size, composition, and the amount may all be modified. • The production system can run entirely autonomously. Additionally, the one-button operation makes it simple to operate and starts up quickly.

Exclusive cooling technology; quick and automated dry ice mould changes to reduce downtime; and construction for continuous operation in the hardest settings

Additionally, to assist customers conserve and utilise resources as efficiently as possible, Specco2 specialists will offer guidance, suggestions, and advice for customers’ dry ice manufacturing.

Where in Vietnam can we get a dry ice production machine?

Customers in Vietnam may get in touch with Specco2 directly to get the best information and rates on Dry Ice Making Machines. Additionally, Specco2 offers its clients consulting services for installation, maintenance, and repair.


A Dry Ice Making Machine is a very practical tool for making dry ice. Additionally, clients should think about selecting Cold Jet product lines to manufacture high-quality dry ice. With the aforementioned benefits and fantastic features, the Cold Jet dry ice maker merits being your top choice for creating dry ice.

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