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What is Car Share & Why Should You Use it

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Owning property and valuables in this economy can be stressful and expensive. Many things that are considered luxurious, mainly cars, are actually depreciating assets, meaning that their value tends to drop lower as time goes by. Hence, if you’re looking to improve your finances in the long run, then look into car share as a viable option. Read on to find out more about this.

First, what is car share?

Car share is a more sustainable way of owning a vehicle. Rather than having a car lying around on your driveway, car share allows you to use a car of your choice without having the responsibility for upkeep and other costs. Care share is also a convenient alternative to owning a car, and also better than a shared taxi or a bus.

The benefits of using car share

Reduced costs

When you sign up for a car share, all the charges such as fuel, insurance, registration, servicing, and maintenance are included in the pricing plan. On the other hand, road tolls, parking fines, and driving/traffic infringements are your responsibility, so it’s important to be a careful driver in order to avoid paying for those. These are also separate charges, and everything will be transparent. Many car share companies, whether corporate or non-profit, have excellent monthly subscription plans that are more cost-effective than all the fees that you have to pay when owning a car.

Sustainability and positive environmental impact

In the past decade, the entire planet committed to doing more to combat the harmful effects of climate change. Car ownership and excessive driving are often one of the biggest culprits behind the pollution, which is why car share can be of so much help. Some countries in the Southern hemisphere have decided to invest substantial effort and drastically reduce the emissions of CO2. Car share is, hence, a natural part of that, since many companies have partnered with local Australian initiatives that deal with carbon offset projects. So, if you’re looking to make your lifestyle more sustainable, then look into car share in Australia. Keep in mind that doing only a bit can have a drastic positive impact on the environment, and car share is definitely a great way to start living more sustainably.

It’s a great financial incentive

Reducing costs of car ownership is already a great financial incentive to opt for car. However, not owning a car at all can be tricky if you have to commute to and from work, and you live in a place without access to quality public transport. Also, since car sharing can eliminate costs related to car ownership, that also means that you can further decrease the costs by opting for carpooling. This is also a great way to meet new people and contribute to your local community. Plus, not owning a car will also simplify your finances, and will also free up a large chunk of your monthly budget. If you’ve taken out a loan to purchase a car, then you know how stressful it is trying to make sure that each monthly payment is taken care of. This is a better option, as it lets you focus your finances on things that matter more, such as purchasing a property or education.

More freedom and flexibility

When you own a car, you’re the one who has to take care of maintenance and make sure that it’s safe from theft and damage. Still, if you don’t use your car every day, then owning a car can be a bit of a chore. This is why car share is such a great option: it allows you to experience more freedom and flexibility. Many car share providers already allow for the benefits of owning a car and driving without the responsibility. Achieving individual mobility through car will help you feel more at ease knowing you can return the vehicle if you don’t need it anymore.


Car share is definitely here to stay, so if you’re thinking about reducing your expenses and living a more eco-friendly lifestyle, then feel free to look into it. Chances are, you’ll feel relieved knowing that you can still drive without being constrained by all the costs of owning a vehicle.

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