Office 365 Timesheet

The Office 365 Timesheet Boosts Productivity


The Office 365 timesheet is a user-friendly add-on by Ignatiuz Software that helps firms separate billable and non-billable work to assist with payroll management. It also offers a Power BI integration to provide managers with actionable insights into employee performance.

Easily track time with Jibble, then create calendar events in Microsoft Office 365 from activities and projects. Monitor time with real-time dashboards and advanced reports.

Organize Your Time

The Office 365 suite includes the most efficient email client, a handy calendar app, a straightforward to-do list application, and OneNote, which serves as your virtual notebook. These tools can help you get organized and boost productivity.

The calendar app can help you organize your time by creating events and reminders for meetings and tasks. It also lets you share your calendar with colleagues and clients. Enhance collaboration by attaching files and documents to new events, ensuring easy access for all attendees. You can even set up calendar notifications so that you receive only those you’re interested in.

The calendar can integrate with other Microsoft apps, including Outlook Calendar, Planner, To Do, and Azure DevOps, to create seamless workflows. This eliminates the need to switch between apps and improves accuracy. You can also use Timeneye, which integrates with all of these apps, to automate your time tracking.

Track Your Time

A timesheet serves as a tool enabling employees to log their work hours, serving various purposes such as client billing, payroll processing, and project management.

Employees usually fill in their start and end times on the timesheet. In addition, they may add notes such as vacation or sick days. The supervisor can then calculate the regular hours worked, overtime, and pay for that period.

Many companies also have specific policies on how and when to fill in a timesheet. Some only require workers to submit their timesheets once per week or at the end of a pay period. Others prefer that staff fill in their timesheets more regularly, either daily or hourly. This can help reduce tab switching, improve accuracy, and prevent mistakes. Moreover, it aids in guaranteeing the comprehensive recording of all time dedicated by an employee to a project. This aspect is particularly crucial for project managers, as it enables precise time tracking to meet project deadlines and adhere to budget constraints.

Analyze Your Time

Using the time report app, you can easily analyze your team’s work performance and generate reports. With this information, you can ensure that projects are on track for completion and that employees’ time is being spent on the most important tasks.

Productivity gurus like Cal Newport and Nir Eyal recommend blocking out at least two hours of focus time per day. By using the MyAnalytics Focus dashboard, you can automatically book that time in your calendar and block notifications on apps such as Outlook and Teams. You can also update your plan settings through the Plans navigation tab or by selecting the MyAnalytics Focus icon in the upper right-hand corner of any workspace.

The Time Doctor for Office 365 app offers a wide range of customizable reports, including attendance, project & task, and timeline. You can easily export and import data to customize the reporting. The app supports a variety of integrations and is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Report Your Time

Whether you’re a supervisor or an employee, it’s important to review timesheets before they go to payroll. This helps ensure that the time entries are accurate and gives you the data you need for performance evaluation and pay raises.

The first template is a basic weekly timesheet that includes the date, name of the employee, hours worked and lunch break. It also lists the regular and overtime hours for that week. The second template is a project timesheet that lets employees record their “in” and “out” times for each project or task. It also shows the client, project code and billable hours.

Ignatiuz’s timesheet app makes reporting your work easy and provides multiple options for managers. Managers can examine, approve and even modify timesheets and receive notifications on pending approvals. You can also track the progress of a timesheet and see who is behind schedule. You can also track and manage expenses for each project.

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