Ramona Flowers Haircut

Ramona Flowers Haircut: How to Get the Wavy or Wolf Hairstyle


Craving a fresh and standout hairstyle to transform your look? Are comic books and movies your jam, and do you dream of rocking your favorite characters’ vibes? If you nodded along to both, it’s time to consider the Ramona Flowers haircut.

Ramona Flowers, a fictional character hailing from the comic series Scott Pilgrim and its cinematic counterpart, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, is celebrated for her offbeat demeanor and ever-evolving hairstyles.

In this article, we will discuss the steps to achieve this unique aesthetic, covering the essentials, hair cutting and styling techniques, and the art of accessorizing. If you’re eager to emulate this distinctive look, here’s a set of guidelines to follow:

Essential Tools

  • A pair of scissors
  • A comb
  • A curling iron or a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment
  • A hair clip or a hair tie
  • Hair spray or hair gel
  • Optional: Hair dye in your preferred color.

Hair Cutting Process

  • Begin by thoroughly washing and drying your hair, ensuring it’s completely dry before you commence the cutting process.
  • Comb through your hair and part it to the side—Ramona typically opts for a left-side part.
  • Section off a portion of hair from the front and secure it with a clip; this will become your bangs.
  • Proceed to cut the remaining hair into short layers, utilizing the scissors to create a choppy, uneven effect. The length should ideally reach around your ears or slightly below.
  • Trim your bangs to the desired length, considering a length just above the eyebrows for that signature Ramona look. Experiment with an angled cut for a side-swept effect.
  • If you desire a change in hair color, this is the opportune moment. Ramona frequently switches hues, ranging from pink and blue to green and purple. Opt for either temporary or permanent dye, depending on your preferred frequency of color changes.

How to Style Your Hair

To achieve the wavy or curly effect, utilize a curling iron or a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment. For the former, wrap small sections around the barrel, holding for a few seconds; for the latter, scrunch your hair while directing hot air onto it. Enhance curls further by applying mousse or cream.

Introduce volume and texture by using a hair spray or gel. Apply the product to the roots, massaging them with your fingers. Tousle your hair for a carefree, disheveled appearance.

Complete the look by accessorizing your hair with a clip or tie. Ramona often sports a star-shaped clip on her bangs or a tie at the back of her head. Experiment with various accessories that align with your personal style.


The Ramona Flowers haircut embodies a playful and adaptable style suitable for experimentation at home. Its short, layered, and curly nature complements diverse face shapes and hair types, making it an easily maintainable and changeable choice. Achieving the signature look involves employing a curling iron or hair dryer for luscious curls, complemented by the application of hair spray or gel to infuse volume and texture. The wavy or wolf hairstyle isn’t just a fun and versatile option; it’s a means to stand out from the crowd and evoke the spirit of a comic book hero.

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