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On the Cheap: How to Make Your House Look More Expensive

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In a perfect world, we’d all have access to a professional designer to help us create rooms that radiate comfort, luxury, and refinement. Unfortunately, reality sometimes bites, and our bank accounts run dry. Fortunately, there are methods to achieve a unique, expensive design without going broke. On a low budget, you can create a place that feels regal with a few easy alterations and savvy style strategies.

Are you still not convinced? House frey gives more expensive look ideas. On MyDomaine, we’ve talked to many interior designers, decorators, and style gurus, and these are some of the most excellent tips we’ve picked up. If you’re fully remodeling or just looking for a quick refresh, keep reading for 23 things to consider.

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Mix and Match Your Textiles

Your house or apartments for rent in atlanta ga will most likely fall flat if your sofa, chair, throw cushions, and drapes are all the same fabric and texture. To easily add dimension, replace plain throw pillows with a range of textures and sizes. Even if you’re not a big fan of color, a few colors that are slightly different from the neutrals you currently have will liven up the room. If you can’t commit to a bolder palette, try light mustard, dusty pink, or delicate lilac.

Flowers are a great way to brighten up a room.


To add elegance to your room, you don’t need a budget-busting mega-arrangement. To add refinement, a modest (read: inexpensive) bouquet from the grocery store can suffice. After all, it’s all about how you arrange the flowers and the vase in which they’re placed. Separate the bouquet by stem type first, then make a few tiny arrangements to distribute throughout your house. The financial (and time) outlay is minor, but the impact on your property is enormous. If you can’t find anything you like at the store, go outdoors and cut a few trimmings from a tree or plant, then arrange them in a table or floor vase. The vegetation will add a lot of brightness to the room.

Invest in New Hardware

 You’ve most likely heard it before, and with good reason. For pennies on the dollar, replacing your regular hardware with something more modern and elegant will instantly boost your room like adding like towel radiators to your bathroom. To breathe fresh life into a dated environment, try it on your kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity, or bedroom furniture.


Mess and decluttering are very un-chic. A liberally decorated bookshelf or mantelpiece is one thing, but too much stuff can appear cheap and chaotic. For a look that seems elevated and traditional, pare down your accessories and trim your acquired stuff to just a few faves (à la Marie Kondo).

Set a few primary and actionable goals to store and organize your house if you’re unsure where to begin. You’ll feel better both mentally and physically as a result of it.

Apply a Fresh Coat using a Roller

Perfectly hued walls exude a personalized and bespoke vibe like nothing else. To get the look for less, roll up your sleeves and dig out your paintbrush. Painting a room or a single wall in your house is simple DIY project that will instantly transform any space. There’s nothing quite like pristine white walls or dove grey cabinets to change a room.

If you’re going to be frugal, do it right.

One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure, as the saying goes, and we couldn’t agree more. Keep an eye out for vintage and modern décor at thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets, and your grandmother’s trash pile. It only takes a little elbow work to transform a dud into your new favorite item.

Spend Time Styling Each Area

The art of surface styling is emphasized in most professionally furnished places. For an overall more decadent experience, give your furniture the prominence it deserves with a few simple yet expertly placed pieces. Once you’ve narrowed down your decorative items to your favorites, make sure to arrange them attractively. You may organize your coffee table, mantel, and indoor benches using a few basic guidelines.

Curtains can deceive the eye.

Many affluent and opulent houses have high ceilings and plenty of natural light. Hang your draperies and hardware as high as close to the ceiling as possible, never directly over the window frame, to fool the eye and achieve the illusion. This will draw the eye upwards, creating the illusion of a larger space. Add translucent drapes to soften the light and fill the room with a pleasant, cozy, but luxurious feeling of warmth.

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