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The founder of Dream Design Real Estate, Zaki Ameer, is a Sri Lankan-Australian. He has helped almost 800 clients buy over 1,000 properties and is a self-made multi-millionaire. The company began with one employee, earning AED 75,000 in its first year. Today, the company has more than 20 employees. He is a motivational speaker and is a motivational trainer. He has also started a wealth creation program.

After a year and a half, Zaki Ameer started Dream Design Property, a wealth creation program where he provides ongoing advice for his clients. The company has grown to over $6.3 million in turnover and contributes $90,000 to charities. He was too young to stay at home and started helping others get into the property market. His goal is to see every Australian become a successful property investor! By providing ongoing service to investors, Dream Design has become a trusted resource for savvy investors and beginners alike.

Dream Design Property was established in 2012 by Zaki Ameer. The company has helped more than 800 clients buy over 1,000 properties. With a team of 20 staff, the company has a turnover of $6.8 million and donates $90,000 to charity. With a business of this size, Zaki Ameer is proving that it’s not easy to build wealth in property. It’s a competitive market, so you can’t afford to lose.

As a newcomer to Australia, Zaki had little to no money and no friends. He enrolled at an international university but had a large debt and no income. In order to pay his university fees, he worked eight-hour days and took night classes in Business and Finance. He saved up money for a down payment for an apartment. After a year, he had earned enough money to pay for his tuition.

His investment philosophy has led him to create a portfolio of ten properties that are worth over $3 million. He was a speaker at events on wealth creation and discovered that he was passionate about sharing his knowledge. He created Dream Design Property with one employee and has now expanded to 20. The company’s kickstart program is aimed at Gen Ys and is designed to help them enter the property market. In addition to offering a kickstart program, Dream Design has also recently introduced a program called ‘Weekend In Your Life’.

Dream Design Property, a company Zaki Ameer started in 2012, has helped over 800 clients buy more than 1000 properties in Australia. Although he has spent years helping other Australians through the property investment process, he was unable to stay at home when he was still a teenager. During that time, he has taught many other people about the business and the challenges of owning a property. In fact, he is a pioneer in this field.

The founder of Dream Design Property, Zaki Ameer has helped clients purchase over a thousand properties. Despite having no friends in Australia, he had to work long hours to survive. In addition, he had a significant amount of student debt, which he piled up in the beginning. As a result, he had to work eight hours a day, study at night, and earn a living.

The founder of DDP Property, Zaki Ameer, is a renowned property investor and mentor. He has helped hundreds of Australians buy more than ten thousand properties, and his company has a turnover of $6 million. The business also contributes more than $90,000 to charities. The business is a testament to the power of a mentor, who will help you avoid taking unnecessary risks. It is worth noting that he had a hard time starting up, but it is possible to do this with the right mindset.

In 2012, Zaki Ameer founded Dream Design Property, a wealth creation mentoring program. Since then, the company has assisted clients in acquiring more than one thousand properties. At the age of 18, he moved to Australia from Sri Lanka with no money and no friends. He had a large debt from his international university fees. He worked an eight-hour-day job for four years, and attended night classes in business and finance.

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