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Desktop metal engraving machine(станок для гравировки по металлу) in Moscow can be ordered from us. We manufacture custom-made machines. Our advantages:

  • affordable prices;
  • prompt technical support
  • fast delivery;
  • the ability to return the product.

We bring you the best laser engraving machines of 2021 with the most accurate laser engraving possible.


It is definitely worth buying a desktop metal engraving machine! Laser engraving is a CNC laser technology for creating text or drawing on an object. When engraving, the surface of the object remains smooth and the inscription will not disappear. The laser beam carefully passes over the surface of the material, does not leave black marks, the material does not lose its properties, the laser is firmly fixed in the device and does not need to be fixed. Laser treatment is independent of the elasticity and flexibility of the material and is suitable even for soft products. The laser has high accuracy, speed and wide range of applications.

You can order a desktop metal engraving machine from us at a lower price, unlike other sellers, whose conditions for purchase are much lower than ours.

The machine has a transparent body that allows you to observe the engraving process from all sides. The new mount can be manually upgraded.

You can buy a desktop metal engraving machine without leaving your home. You just need to go to our website, add the product to your cart and wait for delivery! Entry level CNC router with housing for beginners and hobbyists. Convenient switches and an emergency stop switch are added to this device for added safety.

All major parts are pre-installed during production at the factory. Each of them has been tested. The price of a desktop metal engraving machine is not overpriced and some products have a discount.

The machine is able to cut and cut various materials such as plywood, MDF, printed circuit board, as well as cut soft metals such as aluminum on the surface. This is great for home use and small businesses.


The cost of a desktop metal engraving machin is available for everyone. The cheapest option starts at 280,000 rubles. Would you like to place an order? Call our operators or leave a request on our website!

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