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We offer affordable and trusted chimney maintenance services within the New Jersey Area (NJ). Below you will find the list of our chimney repairs. Contact us to receive a free estimate and request a our free one-time chimney examination.

Chimney Repair Services

  • Certified Chimney Sweeps
  • Chimney Cleaning
  • Gas , Wood or Fireplace / Sweep Cleaning
  • Gas or Wood/Fireplace-REPAIR
  • Fireplace Smoke Guard
  • Conversion of Gas to Oil
  • Code Compatible (Municipality and state Educated)
  • Chimney Masonry or Crown or Pointing Stucco
  • Chimney Waterproofing
  • New Homeowner Safety Inspections for Homeowners
  • Chimney Liner Installation
  • Chimney Leak Repairs
  • B-Vents / A-Vents
  • Dampers, Caps and other accessories
  • Chimney Flashing
  • An Annual Chimney Inspections

We enjoy helping our clients throughout New Jersey maintain and keep their Chimney Repair in NJ in good and secure condition using our experience with chimney maintenance, chimney sweeping and chimney liner New Jersey. If your chimney hasn’t been swept in an extended period of time, you ought to think about whether it’s time for an inspection, and also to give your chimney a thorough maintenance once over. If you don’t have a chimney the creosote substance can get build up, or naturally deteriorate and cause adverse effects from burning and put you at risk of a fire. The report states that 42 percent of fires in homes result from fireplaces and chimneys, so you must take care to ensure that your home is not on this risk.

Why is Chimney Repair needed?

Repairing your chimney for chimneys in New Jersey is essential to ensure that your fireplace and chimney are operating safely and in a safe manner to provide you with a healthy air quality in your home. If you find problems in the chimney or fireplace that is causing you to be concerned, like smoke leaks, bad odor and you see an oil-like substance (Creosote) appearing on the inside of your chimney, you should get your chimney checked by a certified professional. Hiring an experienced chimney cleaning and chimney repairs service is essential as it’s the best method to maintain your chimney.

Chimney repair proccess

Utilizing special rods and chimney brushes hand tools, and a powerful vacuum Doctor Chimney can efficiently remove dust and creosote flaky deposits. Our technicians are trained to maintain your home clean by using steps such as placing drop cloths on the floor and covering up areas with tarps so that dust doesn’t escape throughout the process.

How often should chimneys be cleaned?

  • Each fire is every 36 hours or every year, whichever is first.
  • If you buy a home that is pre-built or a dwelling

Doctor Chimney Company offers safe and efficient cleaning services to all of our clients. The care of your chimney essential to us, it is also the maintenance for your house. To ensure that we’re protecting your home from harm, drop cloths will be used to shield any surfaces near to the fireplace. Our experts will take care to clean the entire structure from the top of the fireplace with the help of high-quality brushes and equipment together with the most efficient chimney vacuum available the triple Hepa filter vacuum. This ensures that there are no dust or allergens get into the air inside your home. Our cleaning services include an NFPA Level 2. NFPA Check.

Expertly trained and certified chimney repair technicians

Our chimney technicians are nationally certified and certified. They frequently attend continuing education courses and seminars to keep up-to-date with the most recent innovations and technologies that affect our field. Doctor Chimney Company offers the most skilled and educated chimney cleaning specialists working in the field.

We employ various cleaning methods to get rid of chimney deposits. The procedure you select or the one we recommend for your chimney is contingent on the kind of deposits. There are several cleaning techniques to choose from in the following sections:

Commonly asked questions regarding chimney repairs

What is standard Chimney Sweeping? New Jersey?

Sandard chimney sweep involves using brushes to scrub the chimney’s exterior. A strong, well-filtered vacuum is employed to keep creosote and soot from getting into the dwelling. This kind of cleaning is efficient in removing creosote and soot deposits but is not effective in removing glaze.

What is the mechanical chimney sweeping?

Mechanical cleaning is the process of using wire brushes or plastic cables, or even special chains, which are rotated at a high speeds with an electric motor. The use of mechanical cleaning is usually to get rid of hard creosote or glaze deposits.

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