How to take Ashwagandha in the morning?

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Ashwagandha is the withania somnifera which is obtained easily in Asian countries.  It works as a rasayan which rejuvenate your whole body and enhance its functioning

In India there are a lot of herbs as spices available which works naturally and in ayurveda texts there is a lot of information and proofs are available related to 1000 of herbs how they works, what is mode of action, what are the target regions etc

In this era there are so many people who are suffering from a lot of diseases and always feel lazy and not alert at all which also affects their mental state and leads to stress and depression.

To maintain all such things we need to maintain our lifestyle first and we can also take ayurvedic herbs in addition.

These days the main thing which you need to protect is immunity, your body’s defense mechanism to fight against any foreign bodies , your body functioning should be good to maintain the longevity of life  . In pandemics we have seen those people who have good Immunity suffer less in comparison to those who have low immunity.

There are a lot of herbs available which work as rasayan and have body rejuvenation properties which enhances your body functioning and aslp strengthens your immune system naturally. You can also take ashwagandha capsule for your good health and immunity.

Ashwagandha is one the best herbs which has rejuvenation properties, for men it is kuch more beneficial as it helps in erectile dysfunction, Enhance sex drive and libido along with such there are a lot more other benefits of taking this herbs

But it should be taken in right amount as dosage at right time otherwise it may lead to side effects so before having one you must have to consult with your doctor for right dosage

In the market both Ashwagandha oil and powder is available so you can use both according to the prescription.

ashwagandha capsule
ashwagandha capsule

When to take Ashwagandha

  • Well it is completely depends upon what the target of taking it and in what amount of dosage you are having it you can consume Ashwagandha both in day and night.
  • There are so many reasons before taking Ashwagandha at what time , well you can have it after your meals two time in a day if you are consuming the powder form , Ashwagandha capsules are also available but they are of high dosage so you can consume as prescribed
  • In morning you can have it with your tea or can also be taken empty stomach
  • At night you can consume it with milk to reduce stress, and sleeplessness it also enhances the libido
  • If taken in the morning it helps you feel more alert and conscious, bit tight dosage is very important as prescribed too less or too high doses may lead to other side effects of no effect.
  • Ashwagandha oil is used externally
  • Ashwagandha capsule and powder should be consumed internally for effective actions. KSM66 benefits are known to people and suggested by many experts.

So these are some what’s and times at which you can have Ashwagandha but mainly it’s timings depends upon the target why you are taking it. , Along with time dose plays the great role

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