how many ribs does a man have

How Many Ribs Do Men Have?

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A common myth is that men have one fewer ribs than women. This myth could have its roots in biblical stories and the creation story of Eve made from one Adam’s ribs.

This myth is unproven and untrue. This belief is no longer believed by any religious leader of any religion.

How many human ribs does it have?

Most people were born with 12 pairs, or 24 ribs.

People born with genetic anomalies are an exception to the anatomy rule. These can be in the form of excessive ribs (supernumerary) or too few (agenesis).

Reasons for rib number variations

rib number variations
Rib number variations

Cervical rib

Cervical rib refers to a genetic mutation that causes some people to have one or two extra vertebrae between the base and collarbone.

This condition can cause one extra rib to be present on one side or both. These ribs could be fully formed bones or tissue fiber strands without any bone.

A condition called cervical rib can affect any type of sex.

This condition is often not apparent to the patient and many people don’t know they have it. Some people feel discomfort such as pain in the neck or numbness. This is due to the cervical rib pressing on nerve endings and blood vessels.

A condition known as thoracic outlet Syndrome (TOS) may develop from cervical rib. ToS usually appears in adulthood, and can affect more women than men. Tos can occur in some people, but not all.

Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome)

The chromosomal disorder is . Down syndrome can cause an extra rib or 12 missing rib. Down syndrome can cause rib number variations in some people.

Spondylocostal dysplasia

This rare and autosomal dominant disorder, is also known by spondylocostal disostosis. This condition is characterized by abnormal development of the spine and ribs. This condition can cause ribs to be missing or fused, and may also lead to Scoliosis.

Spondylothoracic dysplasia

Spondylothoracic Dysplasia can be described as an autosomal recessive condition. This condition is also called spondylothoracic sostosis. This condition causes babies to have fused ribs, fused vertebrae. These babies also have small chest cavities which can lead to severe breathing problems.

Goldenhar syndrome (oculo-auriculo-vertebral spectrum)

Goldenhar syndrome, a rare congenital condition, causes abnormalities in the spine, ears and eyes.

Goldenhar syndrome can cause babies to have one or more missing or partially formed ears and benign eye growths. A baby with Goldenhar syndrome may have a weak jaw and cheekbone and ribs that are not fully formed, fused or missing.

What are the treatments for rib abnormalities?

the treatments for rib abnormalities
the treatments for rib abnormalities

Rib abnormalities do not need to be treated unless the cause is severe, like abnormal growth patterns, breathing problems or pain.

An ultrasound can detect some rib defects before your baby is born. If your baby is smaller than normal or has difficulty breathing, you may be able to spot them after birth. Treatment will be focused on respiratory support in these cases.

Sometimes, missing ribs can be corrected surgically using a device called a Vertical Expandable Prothetic Titan Rib (VEPTR). You can adjust the size of VEPTRs as your child grows.

A brace or surgery may be used to treat spinal problems like scoliosis.

Watchful waiting is enough if there are no issues with your posture, breathing, or walking.

If an adult with cervical ribs experiences symptoms similar to TOS, they may need their extra rib or ribs removed.

The takeaway

Some people believe that women have one more rib than men because of the Adam and Eve story. It is false. No matter what sex, the vast majority of people have 12 sets or 24 ribs.

Some people may have too many or too little ribs. These conditions don’t always require treatment. Your doctor may recommend that you wait patiently in many cases.

Is there any difference in the rib cages of male and females?

Although the cause of this difference is not known, the rib box volume is approximately 10% smaller for females than it is for men with the same height. Although the craniocaudal in inclination of ribs is higher in females than it is for males, the length of the ribs was not previously compared between the sexes.

Do I have an extra bone? One in 200 people is born with an extra, also known as a cervical rib. This condition is called congenital. The cervical rib can exist on either the right or left side.

How many bones do a man or woman have?


The internal structure of the human body is called the human skeleton. It is made up of approximately 270 bones when it’s born, but this number drops to around 206 bone-in adulthood when some bones are fusion.

Can a rib be grown back?

Mammals cannot regenerate lost limbs like salamanders. However, they can fix large sections of their ribs . The missing sections were completely repaired after they removed rib cartilage and left its perichondrium.

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Which gender has fewer ribs?

What Ribs Does Men Have It is a common myth that men have less rib than . This myth could be rooted in the Bible and the creation story of Eve made from one rib. This myth is unproven and untrue.

How many ribs does a man have?

A typical human rib cage contains 24 ribs in 12 rows, the sternum, xiphoid process and 12 thoracic vertebrae.

Are males and females more able to squeeze air?

The maturation of the airways and lungs continues throughout childhood and into adulthood. During this time, males continue to have larger lungs then women. The conducting airways in adult males is bigger than that of adult women, even though lung and body sizes are equal [8].

Why are males and women born with different lung volumes?

Females had smaller radial dimensions relative to their heights than men. They also had a lower inclination of the ribs, a similar diaphragm dome location relative to the spine, and a shorter diaphragm. Female subjects had a higher inspiratory contribution to their rib cage muscles

Where do the ribs begin?

T1 is where the first rib attaches to. Most ribs can be found at the front of your body. They are joined to your sternum by costal cartilages. The ribs attach to the vertebrae via two joints, the costovertebral joint.

How many baby ribs does a baby have?

A baby will be born with 12 pairs ribs. This number is the same for both males and women. The seven top ribs, also known as the true ribs, connect to the cartilage at the breastbone (sternum).

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