Fun Attractions For Kids In Bangkok


Welcome to Bangkok, Thailand’s amazing Big Mango! If you are one of the many expats who has moved here to work, then you have a real treat in store, this is a city that welcomes everybody with a big smile, and you will feel right at home in no time. If you are also going to be bringing your kids with you, you might be wondering how they are going to like it here, and how you can see to it that they are entertained? Well, we are happy to tell you there is nothing to worry about, Bangkok has something for everybody, the Thai people adore children and like to spoil them, so there is plenty of fun for the youngsters to have here!

Once your trusty moving company in Bangkok has you and your family all settled into your new Bangkok home, it’s time to step out the door into a world of fun and adventure! There are so many things to do and see it’s hard to know where to begin, but we have some ideas! Here are just two of our many favourite Bangkok attractions for kids that we are sure they will enjoy!

  • Dream World – This classic amusement park features all the rides and attractions a kid could ask for! There are three roller-coasters on hand for those daring souls who love speed and gravity defying drops and loops, as well as a cable car ride that towers high above the park affording spectacular views of all the fun below. Do you want to beat the heat for a while? Just step into Snow Town, where you can find real snow on an artificial hill you can sled down, it’s a winter wonderland right here in tropical Thailand! If you need a break from all the rolling and spinning of the many carnival rides you can watch the beautiful Colours of the World Parade, and then catch the exciting Hollywood Action Show! A visit to Dream World is great way to spend the day, and chances are your kids will want to return for another visit soon!
  • Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World – You don’t have to fly down to the beaches to get a close-up look at Thailand’s vibrant sea life, you can just put your nose to the aquarium glass and watch it swim past in this fantastic display that will make you feel as if you and your kids are taking a pleasant stroll along the sea bottom! This incredible marine life park features a living coral reef that you can enjoy up close without having to put on a scuba suit! Ocean World is home to a stunning variety of sea creatures like penguins, sharks, otters, octopi, and many more, there is something new to see around every corner!

There is so much to explore in Bangkok, we have barely scratched the surface! Check out the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Bangkok page for even more wonderful ways to spend your time here! We know that you and your kids will love it here in exciting Bangkok, welcome home!


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