Your Dream Summer Linen White Dress

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 Your Dream Summer Linen White Dress

There’s nothing wrong with showing off your natural sense of style. And the Ukrainian brand Sleeper proves that it’s not that hard either. Having been founded as a pajama brand, Sleeper has taken on the task of showing the world that being stylish can not only be effortless but can also be done with comfort. And for the past eight years, the brand has successfully been fulfilling this task through the production of not-so-loungewear clothes that can fit into any occasion. Everything from party pajama sets to women’s dresses is the representation of Sleeper’s ideas of elegance, simplicity, and comfort in style.

As summer is just around the corner, you may find yourself in need of new outfits. And with the first signs of usual hotness, it might be a good idea to change into something more breathable and light. Fortunately, Sleeper understands what fervent weather is ahead of us and that’s why it came up with an idea of a perfect line of summer clothes – a Summer Market collection. The capsule is represented by the line of outfits, made of 100% natural linen. Such a choice of material not only makes the designs to be of the highest quality but also ensures breathability and easy maintenance. Not to mention, that all the designs are made with high consideration of the level of comfort, as well as the style and elegance of those who will wear them. The versatility of lounge dresses Sleeper has included in this collection is not only astounding but also refreshing. There are a lot of new styles, colors, and prints. So, if you are interested in refreshing your summer closet, go check out what Sleeper got in stock!

The Designs of Lounge Dresses Sleeper Made Dreams Come True

Lounge Dresses Sleeper
Lounge Dresses Sleeper

With the cottagecore style being at its peak of popularity, it’s impossible not to notice such an excellent representation of it in a form of the Belle linen white dress. The design got such a name for nothing, as the silhouette of this dress reminds us of the Disney princess ones. Neat lantern sleeves and a flowing skirt give this dress an extra dreamy look. You can adjust the dress by wearing the sleeves on or off the shoulders, depending on your vibes of the day. It also has a corset-like stretch bodice, which not only helps create an utmost feminine figure but also provides great support. This dress can become a perfect outfit for any occasion:

  1. Pair it up with a matching hair ribbon and some slippers and you have a perfect outfit for a dreamy picnic date;
  2. Wear the sleeves off the shoulders, add some jewelry, and maybe a pair of comfortable heels – you are all set for a fancy party or a girls’ night at a restaurant;
  3. And if you were planning on having a photoshoot in a field full of flowers, this dress couldn’t have been more ideal for that purpose.

And if you have had something more sophisticated on your mind, then the Sleeper Michelin dress will certainly draw your attention. The design of the dress is distinguished by the abundant breast line and a defined waistline which together create an extreme hourglass feminine figure. With the adjustable neckline, you have the possibility of showing off your collarbones and shoulders, especially on the days you are feeling extra flirtatious. You can get these designs in several colors: white, lavender, Azure blue, lemon, pink and blue Vichy, and also in a Garden Rose print. 

 Any Other Dresses?

Of course, Sleeper has a lot more options besides a linen white dress. There are a lot of women’s dresses available on the brand’s website. As Sleeper itself describes them, these are the perfect gowns “to go from park-strolling to after-hour drinks”. All of the pieces can be rightfully called an ode to the elegance of minimalism, uniqueness, and versatility. Take for example the beloved Atlanta dress. This simple design has conquered the hearts of many women, reaching cult status. The reason behind such popularity is the sophisticated yet comfort-promising design. And, of course, the thoughtful details in a form of signature billowing sleeves and shirred bodice also add up to the effortless elegance of this gown and, therefore, its popularity. 

Lounge Dresses Sleeper
Lounge Dresses Sleeper

Moreover, there are a lot of new astounding designs, such as the Marquise linen dress with corset detail, that could truly compete in a “cottage core looks battle” with the Belle linen dress. And if you became a fan of the Sleeper Michelin dress, you should also check out Opera and Paloma styles. Although not as fitted as the Michelin one, these dresses also radiate absolute feminine energy. With the natural waistlines, adjustable sleeves, and embroidered detail, these dresses will be perfect for an evening out, as well as a simple stroll around the city. 

 Sleeper – the Brand of Mindfulness, Love, and Comfort

Sleeper has become a huge success over those few years of its existence. Its rebellious nature, which helped to turn the fashion world upside down, continues to conquer and win over more and more admirers. However, even with the growing popularity, the brand has never given up on its initial course – it continues to introduce the notion of comfort into modern style. Moreover, Sleeper has become an advocate of self-expression. All of their pieces, due to their versatility and multifunctionality, give a sense of free fashion interpretation. You can mix and match their pajama sets with jeans, trousers, button-up shirts, tops, and T-shirts. You can combine the Sleeper dresses with any sweater, cardigan, and pair of shoes you have in your closet. Of course, everything can be an outfit on its own, however, Sleeper encourages its customers to express their unique sense of style by wearing the brand’s pieces in whatever way they feel more comfortable. After all, all of the fashion rules are in our heads. And we are the ones who can create new ones.

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