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Styling hair is one of the most complicated and tedious tasks. If you want to go out on a special occasion, you specifically have to schedule an appointment for hair styling, as it can take a long time to create and set the perfect hairstyle for you.

Moreover, in the long run, applying various types of hair sprays and other products to your hair may even damage the hair’s roots, which can cause the hair to become thin, and you might start losing hair.

In such cases, hair extensions prove to be an effective and healthier alternative to lengthy hairstyling routines.

You can use hair extensions to add volume to your hair for only a night or buy semi-permanent extensions and flaunt your new hair for over nine months.

If you are looking for extensions that do not require heat or glue in the application process, hand tied extensions are the best choice. These extension are a semi-permanent solution as you can keep them sewn to your natural hair for six to nine months.

The wefts in these extensions are not sewed by machine; instead, they are sewn by hand. Since they are handmade, the weft’s size is relatively smaller than those sewn by machine.

Difference between hand-tied and machine sewn.

Initially, both might seem similar to you, and the difference may seem negligible to the untrained eye.

However, the difference can be noticed in the size of the wefts.

Wefts are the starting point of an extension, and it is the part that is either sewn, glued, or taped to the scalp or the roots of your hair to fix the extension.

Herein, the wefts are sewn onto the rows of natural hair on your head for a more broad and seamless look.

Unlike other extensions, the wefts of hand-tied extensions are thinner, lighter, and larger, enabling you to apply them evenly on the head. These extensions can lie flat against the head for better and broader coverage.

Moreover, since a single weft can cover a large area, it would not put extra pressure on a particular area of your scalp.

Unlike other extension that have to be glued in or tapered, these extensions are more comfortable and easy to wear.


The exact time and planning behind putting up the extensions depend upon your natural hair. The texture, length, and hair type dictate how easy or cumbersome it would be to apply hand-tied weft extensions to your hair.

However, applying such hand-sewn extensions requires extra planning as the stylist has to determine the best area on the head to sew each weft. It is necessary to choose the areas carefully as it will help reduce the pressure on your scalp.

Since there is no glue or tape, these extensions are sewn with your natural hair; installing them can take four to five hours.

This is a long time to install extensions, but these are semi-permanent extension, and once you spend five hours in the chair, you can be worry-free for the next six to nine months to come.

Depending on the hairstyle and your natural hair texture, two to four wefts will be put in a single row on your scalp. But, the subsequent row doesn’t need to have the same number of wefts.


After getting hand-sewn weft extensions, you can”t get a haircut. If you try to cut the hair, you can ruin the whole weft as it might unravel.

Furthermore, it would help if you visited the salon every six to eight weeks to get a re-adjustment for the wefts. As your hair starts growing, the wefts need to be slightly adjusted.

The frequency of adjustments for the wefts depends on how fast your hair grows. So, if you have faster hair growth, you might have to get them adjusted every four weeks.

Easy Hairstyles

Hand-tied wefts are the best choice of extension if you want to add length and volume to your hair. By using these extensions, you can make any hairstyle you want as the wefts blend seamlessly with the extensions. So, if you are making high ponytails, braids, or even a bun, you do not have to worry about the wefts showing. You can be assured that any hairstyle you make with the extensions will look seamless and natural.

You must consider opting for hand-tied weft extensions if you do not want to apply any glue or tapes to your scalp. Moreover, these extensions are best suited for those looking for a long-term solution.

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