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What Are the Effects of an HHC Vape Pen On Your Health?

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You might have only heard of HHC but might still not be sure what the compound is. While THC and CBD have many loyal users, HHC remains new to the market. The same goes for HHC products like an HHC vape pen or tank.

So what is this lesser-known cannabinoid, and what effects does it have on our bodies? Let us find out everything you need to know about HHC vape pens and their benefits for your health further ahead.

What Is HHC?

Many people confuse HHC with THC, another component frequently occurring in cannabis plants. Unlike THC, HHC stands for hexahydrocannabinol. Hemp plants have trace amounts of HHC appearing naturally in them.

However, such small amounts are not logical to use by manufacturers. So, they use a chemical process called hydrogenation to convert Delta 8 into HHC. It is a process in which they add extra hydrogen molecules to create the structure of HHC.

Both natural and chemically derived HHC work equally efficiently upon consumption. Recently, these products are becoming more frequent in the market. However, there is a need for much more research on HHC in the future.

What Are HHC Vape Pens?

HHC vape pens have HHC vape juice in them. HHC disposable vape pens and refillable cartridges for your vape tank are available in the market. These products are more frequently available online than in local stores.

You can find these HHC vape pens in a few flavors and different concentrations. Disposables are currently popular due to their affordability and hassle-free design. But you can also find the perfect HHC cartridge to fit in your vape pen.

The number of companies producing HHC products is lesser than other cannabis products. However, we can expect market growth due to the positive customer reviews for HHC products.

Does HHC Have Any Health Benefits?

Now, since HHC is less popular than its sister components, you cannot find as much research on it yet. So if we have to point out the proven benefits of HHC, it would not be possible since the evidence is still scarce.

However, HHC is a hemp product, and it has many similarities to other cannabinoids. In that sense, we can point out some similar benefits and effects that cannabinoids like THC and CBD also have on our health.

Here are some benefits that may come with the use of HHC:

  • Pain Reduction- If you have previously used cannabis products, you would know that pain reduction is a signature recurring health benefit. Cannabis components bind with our bodies’ endocannabinoid receptors.

Such interaction can reduce pain and inflammation in various parts of the body. The same goes for HHC, as users reported they felt their bodily pain disappearing after vaping HHC. So, according to user reports, HHC might help reduce chronic pain in users.

  • Anxiety & Stress Reduction- Most people use cannabis products, in general, to help with mental health issues. Aside from recreational purposes, many people curb their daily stress and anxieties with the help of cannabinoids.

Hence, HHC can also serve such a purpose for its users and alleviate anxiety. It can help users with pertaining nausea and other issues too. However, the essential purpose remains to reduce stress levels and curb anxiousness.

  • Sleep Cycle Improvement- As you might guess, lower anxiety and stress can help aid sleep. Many users have noted how their sleep cycle has improved after using cannabis products. After vaping HHC, you can feel lighter and fall asleep faster.

And not only falling asleep, but HHC can also help you stay in deep slumber for the required period. If sleeping and relaxation are your goals, you can choose HHC Indica variants for the best effects.


  • Other Potential Benefits- The above benefits have more proof with the help of research works and user accounts. However, thousands of other HHC benefits are still waiting to be discovered. These benefits are unexplored, and we cannot confirm them.

Some benefits like reducing the risk of breast cancer must get researched. So we can say that a few years into the future, we would have solid information about all HHC benefits on our health.

The Difference Between HHC and Other Cannabinoids

Since the similarities to THC and CBD are uncanny, you might be wondering why HHC is a different component. THC, CBD, and HHC technically come from the same plant, so they are bound to have some recurring patterns.

HHC has active and inactive molecules, unlike THC. So, the active molecules bind with your endocannabinoid receptors. On the other hand, the inactive molecules do not do anything in your body.

Plus, the molecular structures of these three are also unique to one another. So, HHC has common traits like psychoactive effects similar to THC and health benefits similar to CBD. But still, it is different in its results and mode of derivation.

Is HHC Legal?

The big question with HHC, just like any other cannabis product, is its legal status. While the Farm Bill of 2018 allows manufacturers to make hemp products, states have altered these regulations.

Since HHC comes from industrial hemp, it is federally legal. But many states have imposed tight laws or bans on the use of cannabis. You would have to confirm your state’s regulations to see if you can use HHC vape pens or not.

Remember to check both vape laws and HHC product laws before buying the products. Also, you can check the HHC vape pens of the company and see if they are delivered to your state. If your state does allow HHC, the vape products laws might be different. And try to buy HHC products from trusted brands who conduct testing on their products for high-quality HHC.


Since the Farm Bill of 2018, cannabis products have made their place in the rapidly growing market. Hemp also has components like HHC for users, apart from popular products like THC and CBD.

So if you want to try out HHC for a new feeling, you can check out its health benefits. If you like the benefits it has, you can buy a high-quality HHC product to start your HHC journey.

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