Unveiling the Coolest Tactical Subscription Boxes of The Season!


Tactical subscription boxes are gaining significant popularity lately. Outdoor enthusiasts, EDC fans, military members, and first responders are discovering that these membership services provide great value by delivering high-quality survival tools and gear to their doors.  

With useful items conveniently arriving each month, tactical boxes equip experts and beginners alike to take on adventures in nature or handle unexpected emergencies at home. 

The recent surge of interest in tactical subscription boxes stems from society’s growing desire to spend less time staring at screens and more time developing hands-on skills for self-reliance. More and more ordinary individuals want to reclaim capabilities like navigating the wilderness, building shelters, foraging, and protecting loved ones in a crisis. 

Yet amassing high-quality equipment and cultivating expertise in areas like off-grid living, wilderness first aid, self-defense, and more requires substantial investments of time and money. This is where tactical subscription services shine. By providing members with curated gear and education each month, these subscriptions help individuals conveniently and affordably build their capabilities and confidence to handle challenges in nature and life. 

This roundup unveils six of the best tactical and survival subscription boxes to enrich outdoor competencies.  

  1. Crateclub – Tactical and Survival Gear Boxes  


If insider access to battle-ready gear gets you amped, Crateclub takes the cake. This ultimate quarterly subscription source curates military-grade equipment for tactical experts and enthusiasts in the know. 

Crateclub’s professional team handpicks every item included in their tactical subscription boxes. How do they select only the best? All gear undergoes rigorous field testing by the experts before ever shipping out. The discerning curation process ensures members receive functional, durable tools ready for real-world application – not just flashy gadgets. 

Gear runs the gamut from knives and EDC to backpacks and firestarters, with new items sourced quarterly. Brands featured include industry leaders like Olight, Sig Sauer, Bushnell, MagPul, Gerber, CRKT, and more! 

Members choose from 4 crates catering to all levels, from casual to highly trained: 

  • Lieutenant Crate – $49.99/month 

Casual/beginner-focused crate with survival/self-defense essentials 

  • Captain Crate – $99.99/month 

Best mix of EDC and survival picked by experts to boost emergency preparedness 

  • Major Crate – $199.99/month 

Premium gear for seasoned survivalists seeking the latest tactical innovations 

  • General Crate – $399.99 quarterly or $1,399.99 annually 

“007 of gearboxes” packed with gear used by military and first responders 

All crates undergo Crateclub’s intensive field testing to meet the demands of real-world crises. If a tool doesn’t pass scrutiny by the seasoned pros, it won’t ship out. That means members receive battle-ready equipment like optics, lights, purification, and medical supplies trusted by experts across specializations.  


  1. BattlBox – Field-Tested Survival Solutions


BattlBox is a monthly subscription service delivering curated survival, outdoors, and emergency preparedness gear. Subscribers receive 4-7 handpicked items focused on self-reliance and crisis response capabilities. 

The box offers a tiered subscription structure, allowing customers to choose the right monthly price point for their budget. The Basic box starts at just $29.99/month, while the high-end Pro Plus box runs $149.99 and features more premium gear. 

All BattlBox curation focuses on including reliable, field-ready gear from reputable brands. Items must prove functional in real-world emergencies rather than just novelty gadgets for collectors. This intentional selection of durable, high-quality crisis equipment makes the subscription cost worthwhile. 

Alongside dependable gear, BattlBox fosters skill-building for using tools responsibly. Printed educational content accompanies boxes so members get maximal utility from items for the intended purposes. Learning resources and hands-on tools make BattlBox an ideal service for developing self-sufficiency. 


  1. Flame – The Firestarting Fanatics


As the name suggests, Flame Monthly Box is all about mastering fire. While most tactical subscriptions throw occasional fire steel or matches, Flame devotes every crate to the fine art of starting the fire. This niche focus makes Flame the number-one choice for devoted survivalists and preppers leveling up their ignition abilities. 

Flame often collaborates with leading manufacturers, too. For their 3rd anniversary crate, Flame partnered with Ultimate Survival Technologies on an exclusive fire piston. Niche collaborations like this make Flame’s arsenal of gear stand apart. 


  1. Blast Box – Everyday Carry Upgrades


Billing itself as the “everyday tactical subscription box,” Blast Box caters to EDC fans wanting convenient tools for daily preparedness. Crate contents differ drastically from most outdoorsy survival boxes. Blast Box emphasizes discreet gear for self-defense, hazard protection, and urban responsiveness over bushcraft beasts. 

EDC goodies run the gamut from tactical pens and tiny toolkits to discreet protective gear like pepper spray and alarms. Crates also occasionally contain major brands like CRKT and Gerber, not just cheap knockoffs. While some novelty items sneak in, too, most gear proves practically for subtly staying vigilant. 


  1. Gear Infused – Uniquely Themed Surprises


Are you looking to surprise a tactical fan with a creative care package? Gear Infused offers unique theme-based boxes for nearly any interest. Recent crate topics span Zombie Invasion Preparedness and Bigfoot Survival to Harry Potter and Game of Thrones fantasy gear. Of course, Gear Infused provides traditional outdoor survival and EDC crates, too.  

But their emphasis on fun and imagination through specialty themes makes their subscription gifting magic.  

  1. APEX Packs – First Responder Focused 


Rounding out our list, APEX Packs spotlights reliable gear to equip EMS, fire crews, police, and security teams. Curated crates cater to first responders through quality equipment and exclusive training aligned with professional protocols.  

Although geared toward pros, beginners benefit from APEX’s emergency preparedness focus. 

APEX packs over-delivers value at this entry-level price point. Yet they must expand variety and partnerships over generic imports to rank among the best. However, aligning with first responders’ continuing education makes APEX a purpose-built resource. 


Which Subscription Reigns Supreme? 


With the growth in popularity of tactical and survival gear subscriptions, there are now excellent options to suit a wide range of needs and interests. Crateclub leads the way for those desiring exclusive access to rigorously field-tested equipment trusted by military professionals. BattlBox appeals to the rugged DIY outdoors person wanting reliable crisis-capable tools. 

Flame cornered the niche for fire enthusiasts working to elevate their ignition mastery, while Blast Box outfitted defense-minded EDCers. Those who enjoy a creative twist can indulge in Gear Infused specialty-themed crates. APEX Packs aligned their offering closely with first responders’ continuing education standards. 

No matter what specific skills you aim to enrich –emergent bushcraft, everyday vigilance, or full-fledged combat preparedness – the companies spotlighted offer capabilities, boosting gear, and guidance to meet specialized goals. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to your favorite box today! 




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