Unattended Death Clean Up

Benefits of Hiring Professional Unattended Death Clean Up


Whenever a loved one passes away at home unattended, the aftermath dealing of the death can be a very difficult time for family and friends. In addition to arranging a funeral and the numerous associated tasks, there is the issue of cleaning up the scene of the death. Because of the potential health risks, many families choose to hire a professional Unattended Death Clean Up (UDC) service to help them manage the situation safely and quickly.

Health and Safety: Risks of DIY Cleanup

After an unattended death, there will be advanced decomposition and the release of biohazardous material which can contain many hazardous pathogens. If these materials not clearned properly, they can put people’s health and safety at risk. Inadequate disposal of materials can contribute to the transmission of diseases like Hepatitis B and C. Thus, it is crucial to guarantee a comprehensive cleaning of the area by professionals who are trained to handle such materials.

Expertise and Training: Professional Handling of Biohazards

Certified and trained professionals in unattended death cleanup services are equipped to properly dispose of and manage biohazards. They ensure that the cleanup is executed safely and efficiently. It involves the utilization of suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to safeguard the health and safety of workers, along with specialized cleaning methods to ensure the complete removal of germs and bacteria from the scene. Professional services also have access to potent cleaning equipment and disinfectants explicitly crafted for sanitizing and decontaminating unattended death scenes. If you need to arrange an unattended death clean up, visit Kleen Slate Services and their team of experts will be happy to help.

Compassion and Sensitivity: Support for Grieving Families

The process of dealing with an unattended death is extremely emotionally distressing for all involved, and having a knowledgeable and compassionate team on hand can help bereaved families cope with the ordeal. Professional services generally have staff experienced in counseling and providing emotional support during this difficult time. They will listen to the client’s concerns and answer questions with patience and understanding, helping them to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that the premises are being thoroughly cleaned.

Proper Equipment and Techniques: Ensuring Thorough Cleaning

o achieve a thorough decontamination of the premises following an unattended death, professional services employ specialized equipment and techniques. This entails using high-pressure steam cleaners and disinfectants with industrial-grade formulations. These products are designed to deeply penetrate into cracks, crevices, and other challenging areas, efficiently eradicating any remnants of blood, bodily fluids, and other biohazardous materials.

Legal Compliance: Following Regulations and Requirements

Proper clean up of the scene of an unattended death is an essential part of death care compliance in Australia. All services must adhere to strict legal requirements to ensure they are following correct health and safety protocols. The laws vary by location, so a professional UDC service must be familiar with the regulations in their area to ensure that they are providing a legal and safe clean up service to their clients.


When a death has occurred at home, hiring a professional unattended death clean up service is the best way to ensure the premises are properly cleaned and sanitized. Professional unattended death clean up services provide expertise, training, compassion, equipment and techniques, as well as legal compliance to ensure that the cleanup process is handled safely and correctly.

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