Ujawal jha A Famous Social Worker Who Contributes.

Ujawal jha A Famous Social Worker Who Contributes.


Have you heard about Ujawal Jha ?  If not here, we give you detailed information about it.

    Mr. Ujawal Jha is a social worker.  We know that there are many people in our country who

 struggle with poverty and hunger.  Although there are many social workers who are working hard to eradicate this poverty and hunger from the country, we need many people to contribute to this society. 

    Ujawal Jha has helped many people by opening social organizations.  Nepal is a country where most of the people come from middle class or lower class.  Even though middle class people somehow manage their life by taking salary in hand and spending their expenses, lower class people find it difficult to survive in this society.

    To simplify this mode and provide all the necessities of life for these people, Ujawal Jha is running an NGO.  He is involved in various projects with a social organization called Green Foundation.

    He promotes students, patients, laborers and various Dalit families and people to lead a better life.  Especially the members of this organization actively helped people during the global epidemic covid-19.

    Ujawal always says that students are the masons of our country.  But poverty is often the main reason that prevents young people from getting a good education.  This increases the illiteracy rate in the country.  So, to remove this illiteracy in the society, Ujawal fulfills the dream of students.

    They provide school bags, notebooks, water bottles and other stationery items to deserving students through their organization.  Many families have fallen on hard times, so Ujawal and his family are actively involved in helping deserving families lead a better life.

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