Things To Know Before Bringing Hamster As A Pet To Your Home

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Hamster make great pets for homes, even with kids. They are fun and don’t require an ample housing space as a dog or a cat would require. However, if you plan to bring one into your home or already have one, it is essential to learn a few things about the species. This article will serve as a guide to being able to care appropriately for your fluffy friend. There are various sites, such as https://homepethelp.com, on which you can find different facts about hamsters.


Syrians (golden) and Siberian (dwarf) are two popular species of hamsters. Keeping more than one hamster is best if you get the Siberian type since they can cope well with a company when introduced at a young age. However, Syrian ones are solitary species that can cause significant problems resulting in the death of one of them or more.


Though hamsters do not require much care, they get startled and anxious quickly. They can jump off your hands in an excited mood, so you must be extra careful while handling them. They can also develop mental diseases such as separation anxiety, depression, etc. They should be kept in a stress-free and quiet environment.

Though these furballs are cute and safe for homes with children, you should remember that the child should be at least eight years old. These are delicate animals, so your child can unintentionally squeeze or drop them. When scared, it can bite, so adult supervision is necessary.

They are nocturnal

Most people are unaware that these fluffballs are nocturnal, i.e., they are most active at night. So if you find your hamster sleeping all day and suddenly getting active, it is entirely normal. They might serve as great pets if you don’t have problems with hearing low disturbances at night.


Hamsters are omnivorous, which means they can eat plants and meat both. However, they mostly prefer plant-based products. They love seeds, grains, fruits, and vegetables such as apples, carrots, lettuce, etc. You can also bring hamster food from the market that consists of seed mix. Also, keep fresh and clean drinking water near it at all times.


Hamsters love burrowing, which is part of their natural habitat; therefore, they need soft and thick bedding. They also chew their bedding material and stuff it in their cheeks, so it should be safe to ingest. Most owners prefer shredded paper bedding as it is soft, absorbent, easy to burrow, and safe to consume.


Though these animals are small, they require a lot of exercises. Installing a massive cage with different playing accessories can be excellent for keeping your pet moving. You can keep it in a multiple-story cage with plenty of space to run around and install a wheel. Regular exercises will keep it healthy and happy. You can find various tips to keep your hamster healthy on sites like https://homepethelp.com or any other pet help websites.


Keeping a pet at home comes with many responsibilities; therefore, you should know all the aspects of its natural habitat to keep the animal happy and healthy. Hopefully, you learned a few essential things about hamsters in this article. So if you are getting one or already have one, make sure to love it as much as possible, because who doesn’t want love, right?

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