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Ronan Anthony Villency-How to Stop Child Support Payments When You Are Divorced

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Role of water boy:

Ronan Anthony Villency, the actor who played the title role of Junior Grant in the hit film The Water boy, has died at the age of thirty-one. His death comes as a shock to his family and friends. Although Anthony was a father to two teenage children, his experience on the sets of movies and theatre made him somewhat persona non-grata amongst his peers. Even though he was married three times, his marriage to Lisa Marie Jackson didn’t spare him from bouts of depression which ultimately led to his death.

Situation after the death of water boy (Ronan Anthony Villency):

This fact has left many unanswered questions. One of them is where did Junior go after he and Lisa left for Mississippi? Another question is how did the young woman manage to get away from her husband and move in with Ronan in Louisiana? Finally, how did this young celebrity kid manage to maintain a vamp that would catch the attention of television viewers while appearing to be the dashing young hero of the cinema? Well, this is one of the many mysteries that surrounds the life of Junior Grant in the movie The Water boy.

Rumored about junior Grant’s:

According to some reports, Junior Grant’s real mother had died when he was very young and it was rumored that he was adopted by a succession of family members. However, a biographer of Junior Grant, Michael Oakes, claims that Junior was not adopted by anyone and that he was simply an orphan who spent some early years living with his grandmother. The writer also says that there was another story relating to Junior’s grandmother who supposedly died in childbirth. Regardless of these two versions of events, it can safely be said that Junior was in fact adopted by a succession of figures in his life and that he did indeed spend some time living with his grandmother.

Why people show interest in Junior Grant’s background:

Junior Grant's
Junior Grant’s

These were the first relations of Junior that anyone had ever come to know of, although it is only in later years that people started to become interested in Junior Grant’s background. The novel the water boy certainly raises many questions about the whereabouts of his birth father and it may be possible that Junior might have been born into poverty. In any event, it seems clear that Junior was not the illegitimate child ofron Anthony villency.

Interesting aspect after the identity of his biological father:

Ronan Anthony Villency

Once the identity of the biological father ofron was revealed, it was obvious that the story of Junior Grant was a typical one. His name was not that unusual in that it was common for either the boy’s parents or their unmarried stepmother to end up with the same name. The most interesting aspect of the story, however, was that Anthony was not the first of his children to be adopted by someone else. His mother’s biological father was in fact, already married to another woman at the time. This brings us to the subject of annulment and why it is an option that some wonder with some uncertainty.

why people wish to annul a marriage:

When we examine the reasons why people wish to annul a marriage, whether it be on their own or as part of a civil union, we come across a number of common themes. Firstly, one of the major reasons people wish to annul a marriage is to protect their rights to their children after the divorce. As we have seen, Junior was adopted by his stepmother but he was never legally adopted by his biological father. His adoption was granted by the court in an uncontested divorce so he would not have automatic legal rights to his children. Therefore, when the court declares that annulment has taken place, they make a formal announcement that a marriage which was considered invalid by the state has been formally terminated.

Other reason why people wish to annul a divorce:

Another reason why some would wish to annul a divorce is because of concerns over child support. In many cases, couples who are divorced after three years of marriage will be unable to claim child support from their former partner. This is because of the statutory guidelines which state that a divorced person is not automatically entitled to claim child support unless they can prove that they spent a certain amount of time living with the former partner. Ronan Anthony Villency therefore petitioned the court to have his case changed so that he would be able to claim for child support even though he had not been legally divorced. The court agreed and ruled that he would receive half of the child support.

Anthony custody case the divorce of his parents:


There was also another case which involved a Ronan Anthony Villency and his ex-wife. During their divorce, the couple had arranged for the children to live with their mother while Anthony stayed with his parents. After the divorce, the wife moved out and Anthony moved into the parents’ home. He later asked for visitation rights and when they refused, he applied for full joint custody of the children but was rejected by the judge.

How to stop the child support?

For the providing support of their children each parent is responsible that’s recognized by every state, whether the child want to lives with each parent or not. However, there are many cases and circumstances when the child support case should end because the family court should no longer have jurisdiction of the case.


In this article discus the life of children and their support after the separation of their parents and their effects on the lives of the children’s. according to my opinion the court should be recognize that the child should have their own decision that they live with their parent or not. And this type of cases should be end up early with particular result.

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