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Non-profit and charity organizations are hard to manage. Though they get tax advantages, they require adequate funds to continue their operations. In modern times, it is becoming more challenging for them to have a stable income for executing their plans accurately. The reduction help from QuickBooks governments adds to their challenges as well.

Non-profit or charity organizations are different from for-profit organizations in many forms. They have a special set of tax implications. Therefore, they require to operate their accounts differently. In this article, we’ll walk you through how QuickBooks hosting helps non-profits and charities. We will even talk about what specific features separate it from the generic accounting solutions available in the market. So, let’s dive in.

How does QuickBooks Hosting Benefits Charity and Non-Profit Organizations?

QuickBooks’ cloud-hosted accounting solution delivers the versatility of the desktop application with the accessibility of the online version.

With QuickBooks cloud hosting, you don’t require to purchase expensive hardware. You only require basic systems that have a web browser and a connection to the internet. You even get all the required technical support from your hosting provider. Hence, you don’t require to employ a dedicated IT team to look after your operations. With QuickBooks, you get remote, on-demand access to your data and accounting files with the help of a Desktop as a Service for Individuals from anywhere and anytime. It helps you collaborate with various volunteers across the globe.

Features of QuickBooks for Charity

1. Automatic Workflows

QuickBooks even facilitates automation for non-profit and charity organizations. You can automate multiple missions with the application. Many of these tasks can be classified based on different factors. For example, incoming funds and expenses can be categorized based on funds and programs. This facilitates capturing and reporting of transactions that occur regularly.

2. Superior Support

With QuickBooks hosting, you won’t need to employ software specialists and professionals to keep your application up and running. You get the necessary support from the hosting provider who has skilled staff to help you sort all your technical issues. This quality support indicates your application works smoothly.

3. Flexibility

QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting for non-profit organizations allows you to have access to 5 to 30 employees simultaneously. All users accessing the application can work on two organization files at the exact time. Moreover, the application lets you combine reports from several files. It even allows you the flexibility to work while you are traveling or are out of the office for some reason.

4. Professional Forms and Statements

Professional forms and statements are tailor-made for charity organizations. You can add your task statement as well as the logo to built-in reports, donor forms, and templates. This provides a very sophisticated and professional look to your reports and forms.

5. Accounts for Non-profits

QuickBooks hosting offers you a Charity chart of accounts. This chart has the most generally used accounts for non-profit or charity organizations. Moreover, you even get a Unified Chart of Accounts that facilitates easy, reliable, and direct data transfer into CRA forms.


While it is difficult for you to streamline your charity accounting activities, hosting QuickBooks for non-profits helps you accomplish that easily. If you are associated with a not-for-profit organization and looking for a superior accounting solution to cater to all your needs, you can host QuickBooks for non-profits with App4Rent. They even specialize in providing IT consultation to firms that need assistance in migration services like Migrate to Office 365 into business processes.

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