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While I am in love with my bikes for pure sport but they’re also crazy. Particularly, the very early one Suzuki whose concept of riding aids was brake levers and an innate need to protect me, something I was lacking in my twenties. Happily, I’m getting older however, I’m hoping to continue to age.

Therefore, I like to reduce the madness by adding some pleasantries for the majority of times I’m not on a twisting road or in a captivating high-speed curve. I love wind protection on highways, the cruise control on long drives, and a few keeping-alive options for when an oil slick appears.

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I’ve thought about just putting an enormous windshield on a bike that I’m already a fan of but it tends to cause them to look ugly. Designers of motorcycles are aware of what they’re creating when they design adventure touring bikes; somehow these big windshields seem to strike a pleasing and practical balance.

But I’m not yet ready to quit and go on an adventure tour either. I’m sure they’re extremely skilled in doing what they’re good at. Their time will be within my own life. It’s just not there yet.

Suzuki has been producing the long-stroke 1000 motor that’s currently included in the GSX-S for quite a while -from 2005, in actuality. In its initial version, it was used in the models from 2005 to 2008 the Suzuki GSX-R1000 initially and it became such an incredibly popular motor that BMW employed the K5 gixxer to serve as a model to design their model in 2009. S 1000 RR superbike (which has, in case you’ve never been told, is pretty good). Find out more information details about this engine within the next section.

Then Suzuki stopped production for seven years prior to the engine back with its 2016 GSX S1000, and GSX F models. What transpired in the interim?

It is true that manufacturers build basic (or nowadays more robust “streetfighter”) versions of superbikes. They use the engine of an era or two back to alter the tuning of the cams and occasionally the displacement and then swap out the fairing and clip-on to make a headlight unit and handlebars.

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In reality, all manufacturers of superbikes use this technique. Kawasaki manufactures their Z, Honda makes the CB, Yamaha made the FZ/MT, Triumph made the Speed Triple and Ducati produced their own S4 range (and today, it’s the Streetfighter). Not Suzuki! (They earlier had produced the RF900R in a few markets, but had put it out of production by the time that the K5 GSX R1000 was released.)

Suzuki however, made various other bikes. They designed a hyper sportbike, called the Hayabusa that some people use for touring purposes (often with minor modifications to rider posture, luggage capacity, or windshields). They also designed an adventure touring bike, that is the V-Strom 1000, in a moment when only a few were attempting to make it.

However, the nearest thing that was compared to the GSX-S1000 models is that of the Bandit platform. The Bandit was/is a basic bike that was, and still is very affordable for an all-purpose bike. Suzuki initially designed an air/oil-cooled Bandit 1200, then 1250 before deciding to convert the naked/bikini-fairing-clad roadster with a fairing. This is the result:

I’m a bit sloppy by showing pictures of an extra-special version… but WOW is this a stylish all-arounder! Suzuki is a good example of this -They put lots of style into very practical and cost-effective bikes (style is my own personal taste… that’s likely to be irrelevant since I love each bike).

The GSX1250FA is powered by an extremely torque-forward 1255cc four-cylinder engine, which produces a low maximum power of 71 kW (97 horsepower) with 7500 RPM however it generates massive torque with very to the highest that is 108 Nm (80 ft-lb) which is reached at only 3500 rpm. The low-down torque from the Bandit line of bikes made them famous race bikes because they’re said to be easy to wheel.

However, what the FA shines — and shines is that it’s essentially the basic. It has a fairing to keep the wind out and handlebars to keep in control, a suspension that’s functional but isn’t extremely flexible (preload at the front, preload and rebound damping at the rear) ABS, but no other riding aids. The bike isn’t very well-equipped in terms of features, consequently, Suzuki offered it at a bargain price even at the end of the day, adding baggage.

It was successful for a time. In 2016 Suzuki changed the GSX1250 bikes with the GSX-S1000 naked as well as the GSX S1000F touring bikes — greater power, better tech specs, and a lot lighter in weight!

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