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Picuki is an app that provides better functionality than the Instagram app, and it’s free to download! With Picuki, you can browse through more images and videos, edit photos using Picuki’s built-in photo editor, and follow your favorite people more easily without searching their usernames. Get the Picuki app today to start browsing Instagram like never before!

How to Use Picuki?

Want to get right to it? Picuki lets you look at your profile as well as all of your tags, followers, and people you follow. You can browse through these categories alphabetically or by likes. If you want to look at a specific person’s account, just type their username into Picuki’s search bar (they must be a public user). If they’re not in your following list yet, go ahead and tap that button in order to follow them!

Why Use Picuki?

If you’re one of those people who loves capturing pictures, editing them to perfection with filters, setting your post on a scenic background, and writing witty captions to match, then you must have heard about Instagram. But what if you want something more than what your smartphone can offer? What if there was an app that allowed users to edit photos on their phone is much more detail? Well, Picuki is that app.

What Can You Do With Picuki?

Picuki is a better way to view, post, comment on, and access Instagram. It’s easy to set up and simple to use. You can do anything you can on regular Instagram just more efficiently with Picuki! We took all of your favorite features from Insta and created them inside our app! Try it out today! Download it here: www.picuki.me #picukife

Features at a Glance

Users of Picuki can use it for viewing Instagram stories, followers, profiles, posts, tags, and location. It also enables users to download stories from any user or public account for offline viewing.

The app has a feature called favorites which allows you to save your favorite photos and videos from anywhere on Instagram. The app automatically saves your favorites into groups based on how you like them (favorited by date, liked by hashtag, etc.)

so that you don’t have to view all of them at once. You can access all saved items with just one click!

Android Download

Google Play Store – Link!

The design of Picuki was to improve upon existing apps, it attempts to make sure that there is a lot of content available for a user to view when opening up Pickuki. The app includes following users’ public accounts, their friends’ public accounts, their own public account (if applicable), tags from around you, and posts from your timeline.

Pricing (7-day free trial)

Picuki is currently available for free, but we will be updating our subscription model soon. We want to give you an opportunity to try out our product while keeping it completely free. The basic version will allow you to view your own profile, as well as find others by their names or handles, follow people and view their posts.

Is Picuki Safe?

Recently, there have been more cases of content posted on social media disappearing for users. Now, there are apps like Picuki that let you store your data offline, so if an app like Instagram or Facebook goes down temporarily (or permanently), you’ll still be able to access your stuff. The best part? It’s easy! You can save hashtags, photos, videos and GIFs to your device using Pickuki.

Is Picuki the same as Instagram?

No, Picuki is a better Instagram. The features of Picuki are amazing. The user experience of Pickuki is very smooth. In every feature, you will see that there is something for you to love about it. For example, if you are following someone in your feed or in your story, at any time you can go to their profile page by just swiping up or clicking on their profile image from your feed or story and you will directly go to their profile page.

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