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How do you identify a reliable SEO reseller company?

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SEO, or search engine optimization, is a popular and proven digital marketing strategy. SEO is the key to bringing your website to the first page of a search engine. That is the reason SEO agencies are working in full-power mode every day. They have their hands full trying to rank the sites of multiple clients. Sometimes, it can get challenging to navigate all these clients. No SEO agency wants to deliver poor services. Poor services only hurt a business’s chances of strengthening its position online. So, what is the alternative? An SEO agency can get a helping hand from a white-label SEO reseller. They provide the same services, which reduces your workload, but for the clients, the work is completed by your agency only.

It is a great way to keep your clients. Reduce your workload while providing quality services. The only problem here is finding the right SEO reseller company. Choosing the right partner is essential for your business. Therefore, this blog focuses on a few tips to help you identify the best and most reliable SEO reseller company for yourself.

Tips to keep in mind while selecting an SEO reseller

Look for a scalable SEO reseller.

Look for SEO reseller services in India with an active scale-up strategy. You want your SEO agency to grow, so the agency you partner with should be such that it helps your business scale up. Choose a company that can ignite your business and help you get more clients.

A transparent and reliable communication channel

The clients working with you for SEO want to see their sites on top. They want to see the results in terms of increased traffic. They want to know that their investment is getting them a valued return. So, they want timely updates. It means the SEO reseller you hire should provide timely update reports so you can share them with the clients. So, work with a reseller with advanced technology for improved performance and whose communication is clear and transparent. Timely updates and how they are sent are essential factors to consider.

Look for a reseller knowledgeable about current trends.

SEO is an ever-evolving concept, and the trends that were popular yesterday might not be in-trend today. Therefore, when selecting an SEO reseller company, look for one knowledgeable about ongoing trends. A company with experts monitoring and implementing the latest trends for effective results. Ask them about SEO trends to see where they stand on monitoring current trends.

Evaluate their quality.

There is no shortage of SEO reseller companies. Thus, evaluating their work quality is essential to choosing the right one. It means looking at their portfolio, case studies, and customer reviews.

Check their track record.

You want to work with a reseller who can get results. Getting the reseller to show you a track record of the work they have completed for their previous clients is best. Check what strategies for link building they use and whether they have yielded the expected results. A company with honest intentions will not stop showing you their previous work. If they are hesitant, take it as a red flag.

Price structure

Of course, the price structure of an SEO reseller company is a significant factor to consider when partnering with them. You want to earn a profit even while outsourcing your SEO clients. Thus, price matters. The most common pricing structure is the ‘flat-rate’ pricing strategy, which does not always work, as not all strategies work for all clients. So, SEO in a box, which this price structure provides, does not work. To make an informed decision, understand the different pricing structures and choose a company with the best pricing structure that meets your needs.

Delivery time matters.

How fast can the SEO reseller service provider deliver the project? It is a question you must ask the agencies you are interviewing. A good turn-around time is helpful as it allows you to review the strategies before handing the report back to the client. So, ask for the delivery time and ensure they stick to it by reviewing their previous clients.

Good customer service

Partnering with an SEO reseller with good customer service is essential, as it helps you build a strong relationship with them. So, find a company that provides effective customer service and solves any issues you have immediately.


Selecting the right SEO reseller services is essential for your agency. When selecting a reseller, use the above factors, like experience, support, and communication. If you follow these factors, you will find a reliable partner to provide quality SEO services to your clients and grow. So, use these tips to take your agency to new heights with the right helping hand. 

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