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Learning the Violin: Top 5 Violin Teachers on YouTube

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Do you want to easily learn how to play the violin instrument only by watching YouTube videos? There are several violin teachers who are uploading their tutorial videos and lessons online. Among the different social media platforms, YouTube is the most popularly known for educational videos. Depending on your learning style, you can always choose to watch any violin teachers that would help you acquire the knowledge and skills in playing the musical instrument. In this article, we will talk about the top five (5) YouTube channels of violin teachers that you can visit in order to find out the most suitable channel for your learning needs, interests, and desires. 

Top 5 YouTube channels of Violin Teachers 

Acquiring knowledge is fun especially if you enjoy learning with the people you particularly choose to listen to. Here are the top five (5) YouTube channels of violin teachers that you can choose to visit for learning:

The Online Piano & Violin Tutor 

This YouTube channel is handled by a violin and a piano teacher named Allison. The channel incredibly covers a wide variety of lessons. Allison provides her 618,000 subscribers with multiple song tutorials, step-by-step discussions of the lessons, detailed analysis of the instruments, and many more. 


Violinspiration is yet another YouTube channel with more than 100,000 subscribers. If you are one of the beginners who have just started playing the violin instrument, this channel is for you. Always remember that you can freely visit this YouTube channel and enjoy watching free lessons and videos anytime. 

Violin Tutor Pro

This YouTube channel has over 1000 videos and more than 76.7k subscribers. It is one of the ultimate YouTube channels for violin learners. Michael Sanchez is the name of the violin teacher who manages this particular channel. Sanchez has constantly been teaching violin tutorial lessons on YouTube for more than ten (10) years already. If you have some time, try to visit this channel for your learning references and play with any violin brands you prefer. 

Violin Lounge by Violinist Zlata

Zlata Brouwer is a Dutch teacher and a violinist who handles a YouTube channel that contains 21.3k subscribers. In this channel, she has always been encouraging people with her violin tutorials. Aside from that, her bowing videos are the reason why she became popular. You can even find more than 400 lessons and discussions regarding the multiple areas of playing the violin on this channel. 

Nicola Benedetti’s YouTube Channel 

Last but not the least, we have Nicola Benedetti’s YouTube channel on our list of violin teachers. She is a performing violinist all the way from Scotland. If you visit her YouTube channel, you can get an interesting sneak peek of her electrifying life. She also uploads video tutorials to make sure that her subscribers will keep busy practicing themselves.


Overall, we can fairly say that there are multiple violin teachers found online. YouTube has become one of the best avenues for teaching and learning processes to occur. The world moves on and technological advancements keep growing. You can always choose to take advantage of technology and cope with your learning with the help of the internet and YouTube. Mentioned in this discussion are numerous violin teachers that you can consider for you to learn to play the violin. Always remember that there’s no such thing as the best violin teacher among the rest. It will always depend on your interest, desires, and learning goals whether a particular violin teacher is helpful or not. You can at least visit each and every channel discussed in this article for you to find out whose YouTube channel is best suited for your needs.

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