How to fix the ‘youtube keeps pausing issue?

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Watching youtube videos to learn new skills, movies, and listening to songs are great fun and relaxing moments of our life. Youtube always believes in giving uninterrupted video stream service to its customers. It is an excellent platform for entertainment and quality videos. It is a platform that is easily accessible to all age groups. Plus, the influencer and content creator culture has given it a great impetus. YouTubers can get cheap youtube views quickly and grow on youtube.

However, certain technical glitches may undermine a video’s popularity. As per viewers or subscribers, one common issue is that the video keeps on pausing. That’s what your potential subscribers and viewers say. Is that a problem from the YouTubers’ end or your end? Probably, it’s an issue from your side.

Let’s figure out how to fix the ‘youtube keep pausing issue.’

Delete your cache memory

Suppose you are streaming youtube videos on your browsers like google chrome, safari, etc. Try to clean your cache and cookies by following these steps– go to browser settings, click on privacy settings, and select the clear cache and cookies option. It will take hardly 10 minutes to clean your browser’s unwanted stuff. Again, try watching YouTube videos; this time, you will not face pausing issues.

Youtube auto-pause setting

Youtube users often don’t know that youtube’s latest versions have an auto-pause feature by default. Well, we can’t turn it off by user touch, but if you are watching youtube videos on google chrome or any browser, then there are some extensions to turn auto pause, but it depends on your browser version too. So by default, we don’t have any specific settings to turn off the youtube pausing issues on the youtube app. 

Check with your earphones, AirPods, and headsets

This is the most common reason for youtube videos to pause. Yes, suppose you have old headphones, earphones, or AirPods, wireless or wired. In that case, sometimes, if you are working and connected with wired earphones watching videos, youtube finds some disturbance with a wired connection, and it will pause the youtube video. Also, if you have wireless headsets earphones, try to clean them once a week and observe when your youtube videos are pausing

Check your internet

Most important, continuously check the internet signals and speed. If you have slow-speed internet issues all the time, then it’s a fact that you are going to face this youtube pause issue. Alternatively, you can uninstall the apps absorbing your internet as background data.


There could be many technical reasons for the youtube pause issue also.

Check with the youtube help center if you are facing this issue frequently. Also, you can check with youtube settings and try to update your youtube application; if you are using the older version, keep updating your smartphone version.

Youtube is an excellent application for all kinds of topics search, but yes, it is an application sometimes; there are faults and bugs it could be because it’s time to update the version or check with settings. Moreover, there are many suggestions online to supplement your youtube knowledge, like how to make youtube video viral, gain more subscribers, etc. Stay updated with youtube trends to know more!

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