Instagram marketing: Different ways to update your strategy

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If you are into online businesses, you must already know about the primal classification of social media marketing that helps brands grow. This includes social networking, image sharing and messaging, video sharing, social blogging, etc. Instagram is one of the most well-known social media platforms and provides the most interesting configuration, covering almost all the social media marketing features. This characteristic has also made Instagram one of the most reliable platforms for entrepreneurs to increase brand engagement while connecting with customers.

If you are planning to start as an entrepreneur or you are already running a business but cannot see any growth, you must start concentrating on Instagram marketing to achieve sustainable business goals. But are you struggling to understand the marketing strategies that you can employ on Instagram to acquire followers? Or, are you looking for actionable approaches that can help you increase Instagram followers for your business? Then, this write-up is going to guide you to understand and employ out-of-the-box marketing strategies on Instagram to assist your business to grow as a brand. 

  1. Set goals to optimize your content strategy:

Whenever you kick-start your online venture, it is advisable to use Instagram to promote the brand in various ways. But figuring out your business goals requires you to first understand the purposes that have led you to the Instagram marketplace. Is it for community building? Or, do you just want to create brand awareness?

It might also be only for generating leads. Whatever it may be, you need to decipher the reasons in order to set goals according to your requirements. Setting definite goals would also help you construct a content strategy solely dedicated to fulfilling your requirements. Since choosing the Instagram strategies you will employ begins with your objectives, it might be overwhelming for you to decide how to proceed if you possess no primary knowledge of social media marketing.

You can overcome this obstacle by spending some time exploring Instagram on your own to get ideas for your company’s approach. You can explore the company pages that share almost similar goals as yours to gather primal and elementary ideas. You should continue following your favorite brands. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on some of your competitors to better understand the market and strategy. The best approach to comprehending how sellers and buyers engage with one another is to operate the system as a user.

  1. Refine and customize your Instagram profile for more engagement 

Optimizing your Instagram profile should be the first step to employing the best marketing strategies. You should change the profile type to “business handle” in order to display some business features, including industry type, location of the business, contact number, and email address.

Besides that, converting a handle to a business profile shows you the analytical evaluation of your business account to build a connection with the audience. You can estimate your content’s relevance to your customers too. The use of hashtags and bio should be top-notch to achieve organic growth for your Instagram business account. On Instagram, hashtags are used to entice followers to tag and mention your business, as well as to allow you to do the same.

Hashtags operate as a call to action for customers to share their photographs and experiences. So, it is advisable to use more relevant hashtags to approach the target customer base. Optimizing your Instagram bio is crucial because this is the first feature that your clients and potential followers come across while exploring your business account. Since the first impression made by the bio plays a major role in assessing Instagram traffic, it is important to be creative here. Highlight the company’s purpose and activities in a brief and crux way.

Apart from these, a profile picture is also something that people notice first while visiting an Instagram page. Since an Instagram profile photo is limited to 110×110 pixels, a simple, sleek, and high-resolution profile picture should be used to make a prominent appearance of the brand name. 

  1. Creating top-notch content that your customers will connect with is the key.

The core strategy that has the potential to attract customers is the content. You can gain nothing if you do not post high-quality relevant content regularly. We often say that quality is over quantity. But, here the game orbits around both quality and quantity. If you do not post enough content regularly, despite posting quality content, the Instagram algorithm will stop you from gaining followers.

Put up Instagrammable photos with a distinctive creative signature, such as a breathtaking setting or a vibrant color palette to attract potential followers to your page. You also can use third-party apps that provide Instagram-friendly photo filters to edit the images. Since this is social media and everything that happens here is made by humans and consumed by humans too, it is important to upload people-centric photos to uplift the picture value.

One of the brilliant strategies includes uploading client pictures who have been satisfied with your products and services. It does not only increase organic reach for your brand but also improves trustworthiness. Don’t forget to show some behind-the-scenes pictures and honor your teammates. It is a simple but powerful way to personalize your brand. You can also upload videos and Instagram reels that are insanely popular and go viral every time!

People act as a medium here, and the more leads you can create, the more viral your content will get. The content has to be relevant to the followers as well. You can employ strategies like uploading looping videos and time-lapse movies to attract customers. The Instagram page sometimes gets monotonous because of the similar genres of content.

Uploading meme triggering humor can activate a fresh vibe on the page, elevating customer engagement. You can also creatively use Instagram stories by using them as a marketing tool for daily engagement with your customers. 


Instagram advertising and marketing is one of the top objectives for businesses across the globe. For firms and organizations looking to connect to their intended audience, the platform has a lot of promise. But, you have to employ the best strategy to obtain all its potential. You can accelerate your business growth on Instagram by availing the help of sponsored posts and ads. Collaborating with influencers may also help you gain a huge chunk of new followers. Committing to Instagram entails being a regular user of the app.

So, if you want to gain new followers and maintain your current follower base, you will be required to respond to the people that follow you. Participate in conversations with other users. Refer to Instagram analytics to understand which strategy is working for your brand. 

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