Innovative Industrial Bulk Sacks

Innovative Industrial Bulk Sacks: A Comprehensive Range from FPS


In the realm of industrial packaging, the need for reliable and efficient solutions is paramount. FPS Flexible Industrial Packaging, a leader in the field, offers an extensive range of Innovative Industrial Bulk Sacks for sale, designed to meet diverse needs across various industries. These super sacks are not just a packaging solution; they’re a testament to FPS’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.


Understanding the critical role of secure product transportation, FPS has developed a variety of industrial bulk sacks. These sacks cater to a wide array of applications, ensuring safety and security in the transportation of products. Key to their design is the versatility to accommodate different packaging needs, whether simple or complex.

A major advantage of FPS’s super sacks is their ability to streamline logistics. Compared to smaller bags, these super sacks minimize the need for individual packaging and significantly reduce the loading and unloading time. This efficiency translates into cost savings and enhanced productivity. Industries such as agriculture, construction, chemicals, minerals, and food processing find these sacks particularly useful.

Product Range

FPS’s product line is diverse and tailored to specific industry requirements. The main product categories include 4-Loop FIBCs, 1 & 2 Loop FIBCs, and Container Liners.

4-Loop FIBCs

This range is ideal for handling a variety of dry bulk applications. Whether dealing with powder, granular, or flake products, these FIBCs provide secure containment and protection against external factors like moisture and electrostatics. They are customizable to meet specific requirements.

Key offerings include:

  • Aggregate FIBC: Ideal for transporting bulk materials like sand, stone, and gravel.
  • UN FIBC: Compliant with the United Nations regulations for hazardous products.
  • MAPGuard: Incorporates Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) technology, crucial for products in the food and chemical sectors.
  • FIBC with Liners: Offers additional containment with customizable inner liners.
  • Formstable FIBC: Designed to maintain shape during transport and storage.
  • Standard FIBC: A versatile solution for a range of dry bulk handling applications.

1 & 2 Loop FIBCs

These are efficient and cost-effective for applications like agriculture, fertilizers, seed, cement, lime, fish feed, etc. They offer easy handling and optimal efficiency.

Container Liners

FPS’s container liners are an alternative for transporting dry goods in a contamination-free environment. Variants include Standard Woven HDPE, Humidity Barrier PE Film, Fluidizing, Barless, Single-Bar, Thermal, Trailer Van Bulk, and Reefer Liners.

Industry Applications

FPSs bulk sacks are crucial in industries that are governed by evolving regulations and safety guidelines. Their sacks meet the technical and regulatory requirements of industries like Food and Nutrition, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Biodegradable Plastics, Construction Aggregates, Mining, and Bulk Packaging Solutions. The range and expertise offered by FPS ensure that clients find the best fit for their specific needs.


The importance of transporting and protecting bulk products efficiently cannot be overstated. FPS offers a comprehensive selection of industrial bulk sacks perfect for various storage, transportation, and protection needs. Whether the requirement is for straightforward packaging or a complex custom design, FPS’s expertise ensures the delivery of top-quality bulk sacks for sale. As an industry leader, FPS stands ready to partner with clients to optimize their use of super sacks, ensuring they find the ideal solution for their packaging needs.


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