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How You Can Get a Great Edgar Haircut

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If you’re thinking about getting an Edgar haircut, the first step is to consider which one to get. There are several different variations of this popular style, from the shorter undercut to the long layers at the top of the head. Because there are so many choices, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you, but here are some things to consider when deciding between these two common variations.

The Brief History of the Edgar Haircut

The buzz cut and its iconic name originated in 1962, when barber Richie T. Oddessey allegedly gave President John F. Kennedy an interesting haircut on his vacation to Hyannis Port—complete with shaved sides and back, a bit of length on top, and an intricate diagonal taper around each ear. It has since been named after him (as well as Jackie O’s favorite hairdresser), so why not grab some inspiration from JFK?

How You Can Achieve an Edgar Haircut

Achieve an Edgar Haircut
Achieve an Edgar Haircut

As you look into how you can get an excellent haircut, make sure that it’s consistent with what is stylish for your hair type. The most important aspect of deciding on your hairstyle is whether or not it is flattering to your face. If in doubt, talk to a professional about which style will flatter your features and personality. This can be done at a barber shop or by going to a salon.

The Key Steps To Getting An Edgar Haircut

So you’ve decided to visit your favorite barber for a haircut, but don’t know what an Edgar is. Don’t worry—we got you covered. Here are all of the important steps to get your perfect haircut.

Things That Will Make People Recognize Your New Cut

When you want to get a haircut, but you’re not sure what kind of cut would suit your style best, try asking for an Edgar. Named after Edgar Ramírez, one of Hollywood’s top actors, who keeps his hair long on top with skin fade sides and back (think Brad Pitt in Ocean’s Eleven). It looks great on people with thick hair or curly hair as it adds texture.

Maintenance Tips For Keeping Your Edgar Haircut Looking Good

  1. For solid hold, use some pomade. If you’re using an oil-based pomade, be sure to wash your hair with shampoo after you apply it—you don’t want that stuff on your pillow or in your hair for too long.
  2. Use a comb to keep unruly strands out of your face (and off your collar).
  3. Pick up some high-quality clippers and trimmers to maintain edges.
  4. Know how to trim your own haircut if you can’t make it into the barber for a few weeks; many hairstyles look great when they’re not done by professionals, so try it yourself if need be!
  5. Don’t forget about spritzes and powders; they’ll help your cut stay fresh longer.
  6. Wear sun protection year-round; those UV rays will fade your haircut faster than anything else.
  7. Keep water away from your ears and neckline—if you get caught outside without an umbrella or hat, try pushing hair behind your ears instead of exposing skin to wetness.
  8. Tame flyaways with a bit of hairspray, especially during humid months!
  9. Don’t wear hats while doing physical activity…at least ones that are really tight. Sweat and headwear don’t mix well, resulting in either bad smells or bald spots.
  10. Avoid damaging your new ‘do with heat appliances like flat irons, as these destroy any style, regardless of its origin.
  11. Be careful around pets; brush them as little as possible to avoid undoing all that hard work you put into grooming yourself every morning.
  12. Wearing baseball caps while playing sports? Put some fabric softener sheets inside it beforehand.
  13. Losing moisture is inevitable, but drying out quickly is not – always carry a bottle of moisturizer or lotion with you to hydrate your hair at crucial times throughout your day!
  14. Try going au naturel once in awhile: natural styles have their own beauty and elegance when executed correctly.
  15. And finally, give your scalp some love. Have you ever heard of scalp massages? Check out our awesome guide to learn how to care for your tresses from roots to tips. It’s important to take care of your body – because nothing says I’m healthy quite like I’ve got a killer haircut.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Edgar Haircut

Who is it for? The Edgar haircut is for guys who have medium-thick hair that’s neither too straight nor too curly and who want to work with their natural texture instead of fighting against it. It’s not for guys who want a wash-and-go cut or have wavy or curly hair. For those guys, a better option would be one of our textured fades. How long does it take?

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