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Goth Egg: A Famous Social Media Celebrity and Model

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Goth Egg has been called the most famous social media celebrity and model with over 9 million followers on TikTok, 2 million followers on Instagram, over 6 million followers on, and 1 million subscribers on YouTube. She has amassed her following through lip-sync and dance videos made using popular songs and memes, as well as original music videos and covers. Her best known cover to date includes the song Baby Shark, which she shot in collaboration with popular YouTuber Logan Paul.

Meet Goth Egg

Goth egg is a famous social media celebrity, model, and tiktok star. She is mostly known for making lip-sync and dance videos on TikTok (previously Musically) and for posting her beauty inspirations on YouTube. Her dancing style can be described as diverse, different to others in terms of fashion but she has gained many fans worldwide!

What is Goth Egg famous for?

She is most famous for posting lip-sync videos on TikTok. She usually posts dance covers of popular music, with some of her videos receiving millions of views. Her success on TikTok has led to her being featured in a number of major publications including Billboard Magazine and The Cut, as well as landing a sponsorship deal with brands like JETTE Jewellery. It’s clear that Goth Egg is having fun with social media; we can only imagine what she’ll do next!

How long have you been doing live streams?

I have been on live streams for about a year now. My first time was in March of 2018. I am just now really getting comfortable with live streaming and using all of tiktok to it’s fullest potential. But, I’m sure that by reading articles like these, I will be able to expand my knowledge about live streaming even more. And I hope that you all do too!

When did you start dancing?

When I was six years old. I had watched a movie called Beauty & The Beast that had really inspired me. My mother thought it would be a good idea to take dance lessons, so she did just that. So far, it’s really paid off; ever since then, my life has been changed in all different ways.

How many followers do you have?

Goth Egg tik tok follwers
Goth Egg tik tok follwers

Goth Egg has thousands of followers, because she makes videos in TikTok that are mostly lip-sync and dance videos. Her fans enjoy her content because it’s humorous and relatable. She uses social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram to show her followers what she’s doing, who she’s hanging out with, or where she is. This allows fans to feel connected to Goth Egg without having to physically see her or meet her in person.

Do you only follow Tik Tok celebrities?

Goth Egg
Goth Egg

If you’re looking for a Tik Tok update, you might be surprised to know that there are plenty of social media celebrities making waves outside of it. One rising star on Instagram is Goth Egg, who has over 1 million followers. On…

Who are your favorite artist/singers/rappers to sing in your videos?

My favorite artist to sing in my videos is Gabbie Hanna. She’s a famous comedian but she has a really cool voice that I think would work really well in TikTok videos.

Favorite song to lip sync to right now?

Goth Egg favorite song to lip sync right now is Better Now by Post Malone. I actually made a video for it. It is one of my favorites. When I post videos, I try to make them relatable and upbeat so that when people watch them they are happy, inspired, or motivated in some way…or just laugh their butts off at me. The key thing is that I want my audience to be entertained and have fun!

What’s your favorite kind of food?

Goth Egg favorite types of food to eat is sushi. I love how it has unique flavors that bring a different kind of experience every time you try something new. Japanese food is often a good choice when it comes to freshness and quality, making sushi an awesome choice for foodies like me! Sushi also happens to be very delicious, adding to its appeal as one of my all-time favorites.

Why do you think people like watching your Instagram so much?


It’s a fun platform that allows people to share what they’re doing with their friends. While scrolling through Instagram, I like to see everything people are doing—and who doesn’t want to see Goth egg? She is known for her bright makeup and dancing on TikTok, which I find interesting. Who would have thought that lip-syncing could be so much fun? Her amazing dance moves make it an incredible experience!

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