How to Successfully Edit TikTok Videos

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Tiktok is a wildly popular social networking site where you can share your favourite video maker online creations. You can use templates that are easy to customise to produce your own content or just enjoy posts from others. The aforementioned platform offers more than just entertainment. You can also go there to find some informative videos. Tutorial videos are also pretty popular on Tiktok.

If you’re interested in building your brand via Tiktok, you must know how to utilise the platform and its features properly. In other words, you must understand how to properly edit your Tik Tok videos. We’ve included some essential editing tips for Tiktok videos in this article. Feel free to check them out and start producing better content for that fun platform! 

Determine the Length of Your Tik Tok Video 

Choosing the right length for your video maker online creation will be crucial. You want to fully engage viewers using your content and that will be difficult if the video is too long. Then again, cutting the video too short may leave your viewers frustrated.

After deciding on the appropriate length for your video, you can go into the Adjust Clips menu. You can now adjust the pink frame. Adjusting it will affect which portions of your recorded clip will appear in your Tik Tok video. Make sure you get everything you want inside the video.

You can also stay in the Adjust Clips menu if you wish to change the sequencing of your Tik Tok video. Changing the sequencing for your Tik Tok video is easy. You just have to hold the thumbnail of your selected clip and move it around until it’s in your preferred slot. 

Add Effects to Your Tik Tok Video 

Tiktok videos are famous for featuring a wide array of visual effects. How do you add those visual effects to your video maker online creation? It’s easier than you might have assumed. There are two Effects menus available on Tiktok.

You can find the first one close to the Record button. The visual effects present in this menu usually include the ones that are very popular on the platform at the moment. If you’ve seen similar visual effects popping up in popular videos, you will likely find them in this menu. Go ahead and give them a try. The other Effects menu is found on the Edit page.

Explore this menu if you’re interested in browsing a larger variety of visual effects. You’ll even see the effects divided into sub-menus. That should allow you to browse your options more efficiently. Once you’ve found your desired effect, adding it is easy enough. Go ahead and try out a few effects and see if they can enhance your video. 

Enhance Your Video Maker Online Creation Using Good Audio 

No Tik Tok video would be complete without some compelling audio. Judging by the audio quality that many trending videos feature, you probably think this part of the editing process will be quite complicated. Thankfully, that is far from the case. The process of adding audio to your Tik Tok video starts on the recording page. Go to the Sounds tab there and browse through the available options. The sheer number of available songs and sound effects may surprise you.

You can access the huge library of audio content by clicking on the More tab. Still, you may discover that your preferred audio is not available in Tiktok’s library. In that case, you still have the option of recording your own audio. Click the Voiceover tab and start recording. Be creative while recording and add unique sounds to your Tik Tok videos. 

Feature Text on Your Tik Tok Video 

Adding text to your video maker online creation makes it more accessible. The text can also make your video more engaging. Consider adding text to your videos if you want to increase the number of views you’re getting. Tiktok also makes it easy for users to add captions to their videos. The option to add captions is found in the aptly named Text menu. Open that up and you’ll be greeted with different options for adding captions.

Start by typing your caption and then choosing the font and background for it. Once you’ve created your desired caption, you can select where it needs to go in your video and how long it will be displayed. Creators also have the option of having an automated voice read the caption. 

Maintain Viewer Interest by Using Transitions 

You run the risk of creating monotonous content if you post a video without any transitions. Transitions keep the viewer engaged. They break up the video and encourage viewers to pay closer attention. Transitions may not be necessary for very short videos, but they are crucial for long pieces of content. Tiktok makes it easy for users to add transitions to their videos. Go to the Transitions tab and you’ll find an abundance of options there. Check out the available options and pick the ones that suit your video.

After selecting your preferred transitions, you can also choose when they will pop up. Less is more with transitions so avoid overloading your video with them. You also have the option of adding custom transitions to your video maker online creation. Custom transitions take some time to make, but they can effectively personalise your videos. 

Create a Video Collage 

Lastly, you can also create a pseudo video collage using the editing options on Tiktok. You can find them in the Split submenu of the Effects menu. Open the Split submenu and you’ll find options to divide your video into smaller squares. The squares will be playing the same video at the same time. Essentially, you’re still showing one video, but you’re changing up its presentation to create a more stimulating effect.

Users also have the option of featuring the collage effect throughout the video or limiting its usage. It’s up to you to decide which type of presentation works best for your content. Creating Tik Tok videos can be tons of fun and it can also be useful for the purposes of establishing your brand. Use the tips we’ve detailed here so you can create something special the next time you use Tik Tok and your preferred video maker online.

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