Achieving Sustainability Through Packaging

How Achieving Sustainability Through Packaging Will Help Your Small Business


Today’s consumers have adopted a real concern for the environment. They often seek out companies that have similar values and take steps to reduce their environmental impact. This includes reducing their carbon footprints as well as producing products and using packaging that is recyclable, biodegradable or multiuse. As you consider your packaging, such as printed mylar bags, investigate how sustainability can help you.

Understanding Sustainability Through Packaging

Like consumers, companies search for ways to increase their sustainability. Many have begun installing solar panels to supplement or replace some or all of their electricity usage. However, they can go further. For example, companies can use sustainable packaging on their products, reducing their waste and damage to the environment.

Most customers steer clear of products with single-use plastic packaging. In addition, they do not want excessive packaging that ends up as waste. This is especially true concerning food packaging. They don’t want to open a box and see that it is half full of food. In addition, they don’t like to see a box with a separate bag inside that keeps the products fresh.

Consumers also want packaging made from materials that don’t harm the environment. Therefore, many packaging companies have switched to plant-based plastics, materials that customers can compost, recycled materials and options that can either biodegrade or that customers can use for other purposes. Sustainability involves more than just using environmentally friendly materials, which companies should pursue. It also deals with making processes more efficient so that the packaging process is faster and uses less energy.

Creating Innovative Designs

While packaging supply manufacturers seek to reduce their carbon footprint by producing packaging that doesn’t harm the environment, companies also seek minimalist designs. These innovative packages do not have additional layers. They are strictly functional. However, they also protect against leaks or other damage to the product or packaging itself.

They also offer innovations, such as QR codes, where customers can learn more about the company and its products and packaging. In addition, they use plant-based inks and promote recycling on the packaging.

Reducing Cost and Boosting Profitability

One of the best ways to reduce costs and increase profitability includes optimization. Companies seek to create supply chains that appear seamless. They want packaging that has lower weights and is easier to ship. These businesses have moved away from rigid options and into more malleable pouch-like products. They reduce shipping weights and box sizes through these innovations. Also, streamlined designs reduce the cost of packaging production.

Companies also want their products to look great on the shelf, so they have moved toward stand-up options. This makes their products easy to display and load onto the shelves and gives the company much more real estate on their packaging to talk about the products and the business itself.

The key to finding the right packaging option is an evaluation of all the costs involved. Consider not only the cost of the packaging itself but also the efficiencies you get when you fill, store, ship and shelve these products. The marketing advantages and production efficiencies play a major role in your costs.

As companies consider their customer desires and evaluate their packaging expenses, they should find that products like stand up pouch bags made from eco-friendly materials fit their goals.

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