Frequently Asked Questions About the Liveness Detection for Face Recognition


Discover how the liveness detection for face recognition has unlocked new opportunities for companies and what are users’ queries about these solutions.

Liveness detection for face recognition uses the facial features of the clients, to compare it with the previously stored data. The system compares it to ensure that they are interacting with legitimate individuals. The businesses use artificial intelligence tools to onboard, verify and monitor the activities of the customer. Organizations can regulate their operations through these solutions, therefore the companies that are using these solutions have a remarkable rise in their profit rate.

What is Face Verification?

It is a liveness detection technology that validates the profile of the customer, it compares the template of the client, with the previously stored template. In this way, the businesses can know whether their user is valid or not. In addition to this, they can lessen their risk rate and mitigate the data breaches.

Is Face Detection and Recognition Biased?

The biometric solutions are entirely reliable, they ensure that only legitimate users are iterating with the company. Businesses can utilize these tools in their daily operations because they perform valid operations. The tasks that are performed by humans are biased because they sometimes favor one person over another. There is also a probability that the operators knowingly prefer one person over another, or they can even associate with the authentic client, for the sake of money. But the latest means are accurate.

Does Face Liveness Verification Keep the Data of the Client Safe?

Face liveness detection is an additional layer of security to the biometric solutions, the system ensures that they are interacting with the person. The algorithms of the solutions are very strong, only authentic clients can decode it. It is the core value of the business to keep the credentials of the user safe, therefore organizations have to integrate these tools.

What Happens if the Company is not Following the Guidelines?

The organization has to bear the heavy penalties imposed by the governmentbecause KYCrules are for the betterment of the company. They preserve the personal data of the client from hackers. Other than this the brand image of the company is also affected, and clients do not feel safe with such business. In the era of social media every piece of news spreads like fire. Therefore when an organization faces fraudulent cases then such reports become the most trending in the market. Every person comes to know that a particular company is prone to crime. Therefore it is always recommended to comply with the rules of the biometric solution so that the reputation of the company is not affected.

How to Access the Data of the Face Liveness Detection?

Liveness detection is a feature of the biometric solution, the scanner checks the profile of the client and then gives them access. The user has to experience multiple steps and the client who has successfully passed all the steps is given access. This involves the authentication of the facial features of the clients and then comparison with the already stored template. Other than this the system also asks some questions from the client and the user has to respond to them. In this way, the scanner properly checks the validity of the user and then issues them access.

Why is Age Verification Performed?

Face id check verifies the age of the customer, and allows only those above 18 users to log in. The websites contain some material which is not good for the minors, such as alcohol and cigarettes. Therefore the government has banned access to such material, the retailers have to employ liveness detection so that they can check the age of the customer and then grant them access accordingly.

What are the Benefits of the Biometric Solution?

The liveness detection for face recognition enhances the security of the offices, it allows only authentic customers to interact with the company. The businesses can operate online, they do not need any physical presence. The companies can even shift their business to online mode, in this way, the companies can enhance their profit rate. Other than this these solutions also reduce the miscellaneous expenses of the organizations, as the companies do not have to pay the office rent and the other expenditures related to it.

Sum Up

The liveness detection for face recognition is about just the verification but even if it streamlines the operations of the companies, the businesses can streamline their working through it. The companies can satisfy their clients through it and provide them with a user-friendly interface. In the competitive era, it is essential to comply with the latest technology so that businesses can survive in this market. The users also do not leave such company, that integrate the biometric solution.


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